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Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal) is a social benefit organization dedicated to enhancing education quality and access through the integration of technology in classrooms. Since its inception in 2007, OLE Nepal has pioneered the use of technology in schools and provided open and free access to quality education and innovative learning environments to children.

Our mission is to improve the quality of education and reduce the disparity in access to quality education across geographic regions, school types and population groups by integrating technology in the teaching-learning process.

Engaging young learners

What We Do

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Curriculum-based Learning Content

We create interactive educational software, E-Paath, that are closely aligned with the national curricula. Our team of educators, designers and software developers work together to create these multimedia learning modules that engage learners and provide a fun and meaningful learning experience for children.


Free and Open Digital Library​

Our digital library, E-Pustakalaya, is a collection of thousands of books and educational resources, course content and reference materials.
E-Pustakalaya has dual aim to develop reading habits
among children by providing them free and open access to
age-appropriate reading
materials and to encourage them
to learn through independent research and inquiry.


Teacher Training

We recognize that teachers are at the center of any transformation in our classrooms. Our three-stage training program ensures that even teachers with little or no prior experience with technology can gain the skills and confidence necessary to improve teaching-learning process and enhance education using technology.


Technology Infrastructure

Deploying technology infrastructure
in under-resourced rural schools is not an easy task.
We seek innovative solutions based on
low-power, low-cost and durable technology
that fit the requirements of rural schools.

New Projects

We are developing advanced learning games for middle school math and science to promote STEM learning. The project looks beyond curriculum to explore games as a tool to learn concepts and promote critical thinking. 

We helped launch robot programming education in seven public schools in Lalitpur. Schools are provided with kits that students can use to design and build robots, which can be programmed to carry out various tasks using simple child-friendly visual programming tool. 

We are developing interactive digital platform to help early graders develop their basic reading and comprehension skills. We are creating and curating original stories for the platform, to help young learners through the use of familiar images and word references. 

“Earlier, blind students were only taught the theoretical parts in computer class. Our classmates were able to learn the practical applications on computers, while we would have to sit aside. Now, with these new laptops with assistive technology and accessible content, we can also use computers for learning.”
Sneha Lama
Grade 10 student,
Namuna Machhendra High School, Lalitpur

Coverage and Impact


E-Paath modules developed


Laptops deployed


Raspberry Pi computers deployed


Teachers trained


Students from 296 schools benefited

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