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Our goal is to help children in the earthquake affected areas by giving them access to digital learning resources while their schools are being rebuilt.

The earthquake on Saturday, April 25th, and the subsequent aftershocks have shaken us all more than just physically. As the country suffers from its worst earthquake in 80 years, we continue to get reports of increasing numbers of casualties and mass destruction to homes, schools and various other infrastructures.

At OLE Nepal, we are particularly concerned about the welfare of thousands of children who have been affected in more ways than one – distressed, displaced and completely traumatized by the scenes of devastation all around them. As we try to rehabilitate communities, it is utterly important to pay special attention to the emotional well-being of the children. With so many schools destroyed, and communities displaced, many children are deprived of education. This calls for a need to ensure that they can continue their education while houses and schools are being reconstructed and communities rehabilitated.

OLE Nepal will leverage its experience on integrating technology in education to engage children in learning and fun activities in earthquake affected areas. OLE Nepal’s volunteer program will allow young college going students or graduates to facilitate children in continuing their education without being affected by the absence of schools in their community. As a facilitator, you will be engaging them in the educational activities present in durable XO laptops. This attempt will reconnect children with their innate desire to learn while their schools are being rebuilt.

Initial training for the volunteers will be provided at OLE Nepal office in Sanepa, Lalitpur, where they will be trained about technology, digital resources, pedagogy, education system and community relations. The trained volunteers will work to bring education and important interactive learning materials to the students.

A volunteer will spend about one month in affected areas engaging students in quality learning. All the costs including travel, food and lodging stipend, and other miscellaneous expenses will be covered by the program.

Timeline for volunteer program:

  • August: Training for volunteers at OLE Nepal office.
  • September-October: Involve in helping students continue their education through XO laptops.
Benefits of the program:

  • You will be a part of greater Earthquake Relief Effort.
  • You will gain field level experience in applying technology in school education.
  • You will learn how technology can improve education quality and access.
  • You will facilitate students and teachers in utilizing the learning resources.
  • You will acquire technical skills about laptops, computers and networking.
  • You will get first hand knowledge about life in rural communities.
  • You will gain insights into challenges facing public education.
  • You will develop interpersonal skills nurturing your personality.
Requirements for the program:We want our volunteers to have an incredible experience at the field. Hence, fulfilling these requirements will increase the likelihood for a good match.

  • Able to spend at least one month in affected areas.
  • Mature, with good communication skills in Nepali.
  • Able to work independently with little supervision.
  • Motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Enjoy working with children.

If you are interested in becoming a part of greater earthquake relief effort and interested in gaining field level experience, please fill in the volunteer form below.