Supporting remote schools in Jajarkot

OLE Nepal (Open Learning Exchange Nepal) is a social benefit organization established in 2007 with the mission to improve the quality of education and access to quality education through the integration of technology in rural classrooms. OLE Nepal believes that affordable devices and innovative technology combined with the creation and distribution of free and open educational content are in the long-term the most cost-effective medium for increasing access to quality education. In addition to developing curriculum-based interactive digital content, OLE Nepal helps teachers and schools to successfully integrate technology to enhance learning in rural classrooms through training and regular support. We also maintain and deploy an education-focused free and open digital library that can be accessed online and offline. Currently, our laptop program is being implemented in 140 schools across 22 districts in Nepal. 

OLE Nepal’s program in Jajarkot

After successful implementation of our laptop-based teaching-learning program in over 96 primary schools across 5 districts (Baitadi, Bajhang, Darchula, Doti, and Dadeldhura) of the remote far western region, OLE Nepal has launched a similar initiative to improve access to quality education in 12 new school in Jajarkot (midwestern region) this year. Prior to the launch, OLE Nepal’s team have worked closely with the local administration and education authorities to prepare a detailed plan, and surveyed potential schools before selecting 12 schools; conducted orientation programs for head teachers, parents and community members. Our team worked with service providers and local government on install solar panels and batteries to provide power at the schools, and delivered specially designed furniture for laptop-integrated classes to all the schools. All teachers from the schools underwent intensive seven-day training to develop technical, pedagogical and administrative skills needed to run the program. Immediately after the training, laptops were delivered to the schools, and necessary technology infrastructure was set up by OLE Nepal’s team in each school to enable them to integrate technology in classrooms. During the year following the launch, OLE Nepal will conduct additional school-based and refresher training programs and carry out technical support and monitoring visits.

Teaching Residency Program

In Jajarkot, we are introducing Teaching with Technology Residency Program to support 12 primary schools that have just started to use high quality digital learning materials in their classrooms. This six months program will select four qualified and motivated young graduates to work with teachers and local communities to maximize the benefits from the wide range of resources made available at the schools. The Residents will spend about 5 months in various communities in Jajarkot, while the rest of the time will be spent working at OLE Nepal office in Sanepa, Lalitpur. The Residents will be trained at OLE Nepal office before heading to Jajarkot, where they will engage in facilitating students and teachers in using technology effectively in the teaching-learning process.

Our Teaching Residency Program gives recent college graduates an invaluable opportunity to transform education in remote and disadvantaged communities. In addition to receiving training from OLE Nepal, Residents gain from immersive field-based experience and develop various life skills that will help them in their future endeavors. Residents will get the unique opportunity to learn about the application of technology to enhance primary education while gaining invaluable insights to the challenges faced by schools in remote areas.

OLE Nepal first introduced a similar program in Bajhang district in early 2013. Since then, we have had more teaching residents provide support to local schools and communities in Baitadi, Doti and Darchula districts. They have shared their experiences in our blog. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from the students, schools, parents, communities, local authorities, and the volunteers/residents themselves, we are seeking to extend the volunteer program into a Teaching Residency Program in a new district – Jajarkot.



The duration of the Residency program is 6 months, out of which 5 months will be based in Jajarkot. Residents will travel to Kathmandu 1-2 times during the Residency period. Residents will receive basic stipend to support themselves, and will be staying with families in various school communities in Jajarkot. The travel costs will also be covered by the program.

How will the Residents benefit ?

  • Excellent opportunity to make a difference in some of the most remote communities in Nepal
  • Hands on experience in helping teachers integrate technology in classrooms
  • Gain practical knowledge on applying technology solutions to promote better learning opportunities in remote areas
  • Learn about the challenges that schools and teachers face in imparting quality education to students
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Connect with children and inspire them

Who can apply?

  • Minimum Bachelor’s in related field (preferably in Education, Social Sciences, or Computer Science)
  • Willing to live and work in rural communities for extended duration
  • Fit enough to walk on hilly terrains on a daily basis
  • Able to work independently without supervision
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about improving public education in Nepal
  • Must enjoy working with children

How to Apply?

Interested applicants can email their resume with cover letter to with subject as “Applying for Teaching with Technology Residency Program”.