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Refresher Teacher Training and Monitoring/ Support

Nagarkot and Gorkha | February 2023 Enhancing learning through technology is essential for growing and educating children. Through our program “Enhanced Learning Through Laptop”, our team of trainers, including technical members, performed one-day monitoring and refresher teacher training. The team observed how teachers and students integrated digital learning tools throughout the
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Updates on our program schools

The magnitude of 7.8 rector scale earthquake had hit Nepal very hard taking with it thousands of lives. The earthquake left many people homeless by destructing numerous houses and destroying our infrastructures, religious sites, historical monuments and many of Nepal’s precious artifacts. Small magnitudes of earthquakes has always occurred in Nepal due to its geographical placement, however, the one that occurred in March 25th, 2015 was one of a kind that many people had never experienced before. OLE Nepal family would like to convey its deepest sympathy to those who lost their lives in this natural disaster and also to those who lost their loved ones in this unfortunate turn of events. May we all find courage to overcome this disaster soon.

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