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Feasibility Study at Dadeldhura

Mar 2-6, 2010, Dadeldhura A team consisting of officials from the Department of Education (DoE), the World Food Programme (WFP), and OLE Nepal visited program schools in Dadeldhura. The purpose of the visit was to study the feasibility of expanding the program to two more schools in the district. The team
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Feasibility study in Jhapa

Apr 4-7, 2010 | Jhapa A team from OLE Nepal visited Jhapa, a hilly district in the East, to conduct a feasibility study on the suitability of schools in that district for OLE Nepal's OLPC implementation programme. Jhapa was chosen due to the absence of the programme in Eastern districts. The
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Feasibility study in Solukhumbu

Mar 18 - 21, 2010 | Solukhumbu A team consisting of representatives from OLE Nepal, the Department of Education (DoE) and Himalayan Health and Environment Services (HHES) visited the remote mountainous district of Solukhumbu to study the feasibility of expanding the OLPC project in the district. During the three-day visit from
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