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In-school Training at Doti

December 2017 | Doti Three teams of trainers from OLE Nepal conducted in-school training for teachers of 13 program schools from December 25 to January 8. In-school training is the second stage of the three-stage teacher training program, which is normally conducted 4 to 6 months  after the program launch in
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Preparation for Doti deployment 2017

June 21 2017 | Lalitpur Laptops for our next deployment in Doti arrived at our office on June 20, and our team are currently busy testing them and load them with OLE Nepal’s localized content including the E-Paath before they are sent out to 15 primary schools in the far western
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Orientation at Doti DEO and DDC

Meeting and presentation at Doti DEO March 10, 2017 | Doti OLE Nepal is expanding the Laptop Program in Doti this year. The first step to launching the program was taken in this quarter. While the order for laptops were placed, our training team visited District Education Office (DEO) of Doti, on
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US Department of Agriculture visit to laptop school in Doti

June 2016 | Doti Program Analyst from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Alessandra McCormack visited Mahadev Primary School in Mauwa, Doti to learn how students in this remote community are learning with the help of laptops and digital content. This was one of the schools in Doti where OLE
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