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Discussion at Curriculum Development Center

December 21, 2017 | Sanothimi The content development team at OLE Nepal is currently working on creating E-Paath for Grade 1. On December 20, 2017, OLE Nepal’s content team met with Curriculum Officers at the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) in Sanothimi. Attending the meeting from CDC were, Mr. Puspa Raj Dhakal,
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Curriculum review workshop

Jun 11-12, 2010 | Lalitpur A two-day curriculum review workshop was held with officials from the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC). The agenda included a) following-up from an earlier discussion in February over creating detailed year-long subject wise courses in each of the primary grades and b) reviewing all new E-Paath software
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Workshop for CDC Officials

Feb 26, 2010 | Lalitpur A workshop was organized for CDC officials at Yalamaya Kendra in Patan Dhoka. The agenda was to update CDC officials on the latest content development happening at OLE Nepal and to get their feedback. Also on the table was a discussion about designing comprehensive courses, with
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