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OLE Nepal (Open Learning Exchange Nepal) is a social benefit organization dedicated to enhancing teaching-learning in schools through the integration of technology and to provide uniform access to quality educational materials across different geographic areas and socio-economic strata.

Vacancy Announcement

Teaching with Technology Residency Program in darchula

Teaching Resident & School Facilitator (4):

The Teaching with Technology Residency Program is a 5-month field-based program. The selected individuals will be responsible for working directly with the teachers and students in the program schools in Darchula, to monitor and assist in the integration of laptops and interactive digital content in daily teaching learning.

Our Teaching Residency Program gives college graduates an invaluable opportunity to transform education in remote and disadvantaged communities. In addition to receiving training from OLE Nepal, Residents gain from immersive field-based experience and develop various life skills that will help them in their future endeavors. Residents will get the unique opportunity to learn about the application of technology to enhance primary education while gaining invaluable insights to the challenges faced by schools in remote areas.

Interested applicants can email their resume and cover letter to info@olenepal.org with subject as “Applying for Teaching with Technology Residency Program” before October 21, 2018.

photos from darchula laptop program


OLE Nepal also offers internships to young students and graduates who wish to be part of our movement to bring quality education to all children in Nepal. The internship program also gives an excellent opportunity to participate in various open source projects.