Fundraising Campaigns by OLE Nepal Ambassadors

Ram and Karen’s Benefit Luncheon

The communities in Goshen and Middlebury, Indiana gather every year in support of OLE Nepal’s programs to bring quality learning opportunities to children from
marginalized communities in Nepal’s remote regions.
Last year’s OLE Nepal Annual Benefit Luncheon was hosted by Ram Khattri Chettri and Karen James on September 2019.

Sushma at Daytona100

On December 11, 2016, Sushma KC Manandhar completed the Daytona 100 ultramarathon. She has dedicated her 100 mile run to raise awareness about a cause that is close to her heart — Quality education. As a mother of two and a former substitute teacher, she strongly believes that quality education is the key to a bright future for millions of children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Anjuli’s Marine Corp Marathon

On October 25th, 2015 Anjuli completed The Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, D.C., which was her first ever marathon, to bring together mothers from around the world.
She helped support an innovative program launched by OLE Nepal to bridge the existing disparity in access to quality learning opportunities.

Dougie’s Tennis Match

Dougie organized a fulfilled tennis match on July 19, 2015 named “Hit the Ball for Nepal.” The match was attended by more than fifty enthusiastic participants. The event was a great success in terms of the funds raised as well as in spreading an awareness about OLE Nepal’s objectives. The fundraising campaign run through indiegogo met the target of 1500 pounds.

Anil’s NYC Triathlon

Anil successfully completed the Panasonic NYC Triathlon which was held in New York City on 19th of July, 2015. Through this triathlon, he generously supported OLE Nepal’s campaign to rebuild schools in the earthquake affected areas.

Fundraise Your Way

You can also get involved with our team by setting up your own personal fundraising page or by participating in various fundraising activities near your place. When you raise money for OLE Nepal, you will directly be involved in rallying your friends, families and people from your network to help children get what every child deserves in life, a quality education.