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Join Anjuli in reaching out to mothers in rural Nepal

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Support ANJULI to RUN 26.2 miles
the GOAL of $13,100
($500 for every mile)

All contributions are tax deductible in the US

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Jeremiah Roberson $500
Rabi Karmacharya $50
Rebecca Margulies $100
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Amitabh Rajouria $100
Bikesh Shrestha $30
Jeffrey East $50
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Sarina Piya $50
Chitra Chandran $100
Brian Chan $200
Pooja Sherchan $200
Tom Lang $50
Anupa Shrestha $100
Sabin Shrestha $100
Loke Rai $2,500
Numa Rai $101
Anil Shahi $25
Shristi Shah $200
Emanuela Zacco $100
Nisha Bhandary $100
Brandon Shulman $36
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Brigid McCaw $250
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Cynthia Carmichael $100
Xiang Liao $50
Subash Thapa $11
Lee Villanueva $100
Anna Celli $100
Kapil Dhawan $100
Sagar Joshi $200
Albina Piya $50
Bina Piya $300
Jordana Saggese $200
Jyotsna Lohani $30
Prajna Shrestha $100
Kajal Naina Sherchan Rai $250
Sebi Thapa $51
Nodana Gautam $50
Yasmijn Adhikari $150
Paola Nidia Annie Gemelli $200
Nisma Gurung $100
Kripa Joshi $25
Vishnu Vardan Komari $100
Laavanya Luxury Ayurveda $1000
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On October 25th, 2015 I am running The Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC. This is my first marathon and I am doing this to bring together mothers from around the world.

I consider myself quite fortunate in life – a supportive family, a wonderful circle of friends, a good education and a career that I love. The birth of my first child two years ago added unprecedented joy in my life. It has opened up new perspectives on my views and values in life. Like every mother in this world, I feel that there is nothing I would not do to give my child a bright future.

Sadly, many mothers struggle everyday but are not able to fulfill their dream of a bright and secure future for their children. Owing to poverty, hardships, and discrimination, they cannot provide access to basic education for their children, even though they are well aware that education is their ticket to a better future.

This year, I am supporting an innovative program that a Nepali non-profit, OLE Nepal, has launched to bridge the existing disparity in access to quality learning opportunities. OLE Nepal has a proven track record of leveraging technology to transform education in remote and marginalized communities. Their program is designed to make learning fun, effective, and meaningful for children in poor and under-resourced schools, so that these children also have a shot at a better future.

I am happy to share that Laavanya Luxury Ayurveda, a company founded by my friend Shweta Upadhyaya – also a new mother, will be supporting my efforts. Laavanya has actively supported various causes aimed at providing better opportunities for children in areas of education and health.

I invite all of you to join me in reaching out to mothers halfway around the globe, and light a candle of hope that will someday brighten their lives. I will assure you that our journey is not just about giving, but also about learning from these incredible mothers who have beaten so many odds to keep their hopes and dreams alive. Let's do our part to make their dreams come true.

I hope you will help this mother to help other mothers in Nepal.


($500 for every mile)

All contributions are tax deductible in the US.