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Young Adult Nepali Literature Workshop

Dec 2010, Lalitpur

OLE Nepal has started an ambitious project to create content relevant to young adult in Nepali literature. Over the span of two years we spent collecting and archiving works of Nepali literature, we realized that there was a real dearth of literary materials for young adults between the ages of eleven and eighteen. After a number of discussions on this topic, E-Pustakalaya’s Advisory Panel met on November 30, 2010 at OLE Nepal office to plan the content creation process to meet the literary needs of teenagers in Nepal.[more]

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Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit

Dec 3-5, 2010 | Jakarta

Rabi Karmacharya, Executive Director of OLE Nepal, was chosen among more than 200 emerging leaders from some 30 countries and economies in the Asia-Pacific region to participate in the Asia Society’s fifth annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, held in Jakarta from December 3-5, 2010.[more]

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OLE Global Assembly in Rwanda

Oct , 11-14, 2010, Rwanda

The second annual Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Global Assembly was hosted by OLE Rwanda from October 11 – 14, 2010 in the capital city Kigali. This annual event serves as a meeting point for OLE Centers and Partners from all over the globe to share ideas and practices to improve educational standards, and to discuss strategies to leverage each other’s achievements towards reaching Quality Universal Basic Education (QUBE). [more]

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Deployment in Solukhumbu

Sep 2010, Solukhumbu

The students of Phaplu Community School got a surprise treat this past Dasain in the form of E-Paati laptops, thanks to the joint effort between OLE Nepal, the UN World Food Program, and a local partner, Himalayan Heath and Environmental Services Solukhumbu (HHESS). A total of sixty E-Paatis were distributed to students from grades 2, 3 and 4. The school also received five E-Paatis to be used by teachers. Students also received school bags designed with a separate compartment to carry their E-Paati. [more]

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Network setup at Kapilvastu

Sept  2010 | Kapilvastu

OLE Nepal’s team of network engineers have been working relentlessly to improve and stabilize network connections in the OLPC program schools in Kapilvastu and Makwanpur. To stabilize the network connection in Kapilvastu, the team erected a 40 foot triangular tower at the Tikkari relay point on a hilltop in the nearby Argakhanchi district. [more]

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ICT in Education Master Plan Workshop

Aug 30, 2010 | Lalitpur

Building on the achievements of the workshop held on June 22 – 25 by UNESCO and Ministry of Education (MoE) on June 22 -25 to develop an ICT in Education Master Plan, OLE Nepal and MoE organized two workshops in August to consolidate the group outputs and to share the progress with the high level policy makers and ministry officials and collect feedback on the Master Plan content and development process. The MoE has set a target to complete the Master Plan by early next year, and OLE Nepal has been supporting in this effort. [more]

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Presentation at International Summit for Community Wireless Networks

Aug 12-15, 2010 | Austria

Rabi Karmacharya and Basanta Shrestha from OLE Nepal delivered a presentation titled “Delivering Free and Open Source Education Materials in Rural Schools using Wireless Network” at the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks held in Vienna, Austria from August 12 to 15, 2010. The presentation highlighted OLE Nepal’s effort in connecting rural schools as part of the OLPC project and the various technical innovations that have been employed in delivering education content to far flung districts.[more]

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ICT in Education Master Plan Workshop

Jun 22-25, 2010 | Lalitpur

Nepal Government’s Ministry of Education (MoE), in collaboration with UNESCO, organized a four day workshop from June 22 to 25 to start the process of developing an ICT in Education Master Plan for Nepal. The workshop was designed for policy makers and stakeholders and was attended by over thirty officials from MoE, Department of Education (DoE) and other line agencies. OLE Nepal was the only NGO invited to attend the workshop. The framework prepared during the workshop can be a great starting point in preparing a comprehensive Master Plan for integrating ICT in Education in Nepal.[more]

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Curriculum review workshop

Jun 11-12, 2010 | Lalitpur

A two-day curriculum review workshop was held with officials from the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC). The agenda included a) following-up from an earlier discussion in February over creating detailed year-long subject wise courses in each of the primary grades and b) reviewing all new E-Paath software created by OLE Nepal. The year-long courses are being envisioned as guides to teachers on how to integrate the different media available to them (E-Paath, textbooks and other interactive methods) to effectively impart knowledge to their wards. A sample has been partially completed for Grade 3 English and was reviewed by the CDC officials present. In general, they were very satisfied with the structure and the efforts in making it easy to use, with symbols being used to make it effective but space and time efficient. They felt the same structure would be effective for Math and Nepali classes as well. They then reviewed E-Paath activities within their own subject of specialty over a day and a half together with OLE Nepal’s curriculum development team. Feedback received was positive and our curriculum developers and software programmers will now take their feedback into consideration and make appropriate changes. [more]

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Feasibility study in Jhapa

Apr 4-7, 2010 | Jhapa

A team from OLE Nepal visited Jhapa, a hilly district in the East, to conduct a feasibility study on the suitability of schools in that district for OLE Nepal’s OLPC implementation programme. Jhapa was chosen due to the absence of the programme in Eastern districts. The team spent all their time in the district visiting different schools and holding discussions with various stakeholders. The visiting OLE team first visited Chandragadhi where they met with DEO officials from Jhapa including Programme Officers, Under Secretary, Resource Persons and School Supervisors. The team also visited Birtamod to join the DoE team who were conducting a training session in ICT in education to teachers from selected schools from Jhapa district. After discussions with the various parties, of the seventeen schools that were suggested, the OLE Nepal team together with the DEO selected seven schools to visit. Implementation of the programme in Jhapa will take place following the upcoming round of deployment.

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