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Teachers’ Training in Sindhuli

Sindhuli | February 2023

OLE Nepal with the support of the KDDI Foundation conducted a five day teacher’s training at Shree Navajyoti Deaf Secondary School, Sindhuli. The five days were set aside for training sessions, which covered NSL E-Paath, Sangketik Sikai, E-Pustakalaya, digital content integration in their daily teaching and learning process and an introduction to computers and their uses. We concentrated on the technical features of the offline servers, fundamental operations of computers, their components, and often used software. The training also focused on the program’s management, learning theories and pedagogical features. The training course was guided by an NSL interpreter, especially for teachers with hearing impairments.  

The teachers were introduced to E-Paath activities, E-Pustakalaya content, the activities were demonstrated with regular and NSL where the participants also learned ideas about the integration of E-Paath contents in their lesson plans to make learning effective and a hands-on session was conducted familiarizing them with it. Similarly, an overview of various sections of E-Pustakalaya was demonstrated and the participants were introduced to various educational contents available in the E-Pustakalaya. 

Furthermore, the teachers were very active during the session and the curiosity in the teachers’ approach to teaching, more significantly, the incorporation of ICT. Since this was their first exposure to digital NSL that can improve their students’ learning, deaf teachers are more impressed by NSL-integrated materials.

Some glimpses from the training: 

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Refresher Teacher Training and Monitoring/ Support

Nagarkot and Gorkha | February 2023

Enhancing learning through technology is essential for growing and educating children. Through our program “Enhanced Learning Through Laptop”, our team of trainers, including technical members, performed one-day monitoring and refresher teacher training. The team observed how teachers and students integrated digital learning tools throughout the visit, gave teachers feedback on how to incorporate these resources in the classroom, and provided technical support based on the requirements of the schools. The schools that they visited were Chuna Devi Secondary School, Nagarkot, Bagh Bhairav Basic School, Taple and Sagun Primary School, Ahale in Gorkha on February 6, 9 and 10, 2023. 

All of the schools are  integrating digital resources in their teaching and learning process, and the frequency of use varies from school to school. It was observed that most of the children residing in Gorkha were less than the laptops provided. In order to enhance learning to use laptops, our team gave a basic orientation on laptop parts and their functions along with troubleshooting techniques practiced among the teachers.  As the schools are towards the end of this academic year, the regular use of resources by all the grades will begin  from the beginning of the new academic year and follow the routine to ensure the regular use of resources. The teacher’s were committed and enthusiastic to utilize these learning materials and give the children a different approach to grasp knowledge for their studies.

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Content Update and Teacher’s Orientation

Lalitpur | February 

In coordination with the Lalitpur Metropolitan City, KDDI Foundation Japan and CityNet+Arts Japan have implemented the Digital Educational Content Update and Tablet Support Program in five schools under the Lalitpur Metropolitan City. As part of this program, interactive digital educational content, E-Paath, has been updated for grades 1 to 5 according to the revised curriculum. The program aims to provide consistency in the teaching of updated digital educational content. The materials that have been prepared until August 2023 will be updated on tablets in the schools in three phases and a plan has been developed to make them available for use in classrooms.  

Our team had a field visit to the different schools and overviewed the content for the tablets and digital learning materials provided for the students. The main agenda was also to know the status of the tablets and if any technical renewals needed to be made. Similarly, the content to E-paath was also updated in the digital learning materials provided. The teacher’s of five different schools were given an orientation on utilizing and using the learning materials.

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