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E-Pustakalaya Training for Teachers in 4 Districts of Nepal

Our team completed teachers’ training on our digital library, E-Pustakalaya in 4 remote districts. The districts covered were Dhanusha, Dhangadi, Sarlahi, and Okhaldhunga. We partnered with various organizations to carry out the training, namely, Relative Nepal, Janakpur, New Life Service Association, Kailali, Transformation Nepal, Bhaktapur, and Rescue Nepal, Lalitpur.

The main objective of the training was to equip teachers with basic skills to operate computers, to provide them with an orientation on E-Pustakalaya content, and to help them develop their skills in integrating technology and digital learning resources in the classroom. The primary areas of focus of the training were technology, content, and appropriate pedagogies, which would help the teachers integrate digital resources into their teaching-learning processes.

We initiated the training by giving the teachers an orientation on computers and related devices. They were then introduced to our E-Pustakalaya contents and were trained on integrating technology in their classroom activities. Through our training, we were aiming for the teachers to not only gain an aptitude for technology-integrated teaching-learning but for them to foster better reading skills and habits in their students as well. We also demonstrated setting up the offline E-Pustakalaya network setup and its management. 

During the training sessions, we discussed other aspects of the classroom with the teachers as well, such as the learning styles of children and different learning theories. The teachers were suggested to create records and set up motivation and reward points for their students to help them develop a better reading culture. 

Although the teachers who participated in our sessions require more time and resources to share their learned skills with other teachers and colleagues, we believe that these training sessions can help build foundations. These skills and knowledge prove to be helpful for teachers of all levels and subjects, hence, we’re committed to facilitating them continually.

Photos of the teachers’ training:

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In-school Training at Sindhuli and Makwanpur

Sindhuli and Makwanpur | July 2022

OLE Nepal visited three programs schools in Sindhuli and Makwanpur to conduct in-school teacher training and community meetings. The training was held from June 28 to July 6 at Janakalyan Basic School and Thakureswor Basic School in Sindhuli, and Manakamana Secondary School in Makawanpur.

Although all schools are using digital resources in their classroom activities and teaching-learning processes, the extent of their usage was different in each of them. We observed that the school computer rooms were well managed and the equipment had been maintained properly. Teachers who had not received prior training had also started integrating digital resources in their classrooms, having learned the methods and skills from their colleagues who had been trained by OLE Nepal. The teachers also held community meetings in their schools to touch base with each other and to discuss potential areas of improvement and collaboration to sustain the program. 

Despite using digital resources in their classroom activities, we found out that all schools had been using E-Pustakalaya resources relatively less. We have feedback to the schools, suggesting that they follow the set routines for using digital learning resources in the classrooms. We also recommended that all teachers should use the resources instead of just a few of them, with an emphasis on preparing plans ahead of the lessons. 

Our team also discussed with the teachers on how to effectively continue the program. We gave them suggestions to follow a set schedule and to keep the technical equipment functional.

Photos of the training:

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