Our Team

Rabi is a social entrepreneur who helped launch OLE Nepal with the vision to use technology to improve the quality of public education in Nepal, and to transform the way children learn through engagement, exploration and experimentation. Rabi has extensive experience in technological innovation and management, and a conviction that young educated Nepalis have a critical role to play in nation building. Rabi holds M.Eng. and B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Rabi is Asia Society’s Asia 21 Young Leader and Asia 21 Fellow. Prior to starting OLE Nepal, Rabi established a software company in Nepal and had worked as a design engineer in the Silicon Valley.

Anil Tamang

Anil works as a content design and support trainee at OLE Nepal with our Hamro Ramailo Kathaharu (HRK) project team. He works on content design elements by creating gifs and illustrations for the children's stories. He also sources audio for dialogues and sound effects that complement the message of the stories. Anil has previously worked as a data specialist. He was motivated to join OLE for a learning experience and to implement his ideas and creativity.

Anjana is managing the development of inclusive and accessible digital learning resources project. She has previously managed the E-Paath content upgrade and expansion projects. With over 11+ years of experience in the IT industry in Nepal and the U.S., Anjana has been involved in software development, quality assurance, process improvement, and managing projects of diverse natures and technologies. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). 

Anjana holds a Masters in Computer Science from Oklahoma City University and a B.Sc. from Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College in Bangalore, India.

Anshuman Yadav works as a Video Editor at OLE Nepal. He works closely with our team of Nepali Sign Language Interpreters in preparing and editing sign language videos for interactive digital lessons. Anshuman has been involved in leadership positions in his school as well as STEM clubs. He is passionate about photography and film-making. Anshuman likes to keep his work simple and systematic while bringing something positive towards workflow optimization. His fascination with photography and film-making motivated him to join OLE.

Anshuman has completed his A-levels in science from Chelsea International Academy.

Ashraya is working as an Audio/Video Coordinator on our content development project. He was previously involved in a different project at OLE Nepal, working as a Teaching Facilitator for laptop program schools in Jajarkot and Darchula districts. Before joining OLE Nepal, Ashraya has worked as a trainee in different NGOs. He joined OLE because of his interest in the program where he can work with the local schools and community, which will help him gain new experience in the field of education in Nepal.

Ashraya has completed Bachelors in Social Work and Psychology from Tribhuvan University.

Basanta is managing technical works related to the reliable operation of computer systems, servers, and networks at OLE Nepal. This also includes managing online and offline Epustakalaya servers and deployments. In the past, he was involved in the development of OLPC OS, setting up of school network, deployment of OLPC laptops, planning and coordination of field visits of OLE Nepal. Prior to joining OLE Nepal,  he was involved in the development of localized linux OS called Nepalinux with PAN l10n Project at Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya. 

He holds Masters of Science in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India. He is also certified in RHCE and LPI1. 

Bishal works as a software developer at OLE Nepal. He has been working with our content team in the development of interactive and inclusive digital learning materials for school education. Bishal was motivated to join OLE Nepal as a developer to be a part of the mission to uplift the education quality for all students across the country.

Bishal has completed his Bachelor's in Information Management.

Deepa is trained in primary teacher training which has equipped her with skills and knowledge in grade teaching. As a curriculum expert in OLE Nepal, her primary responsibilities are to conceptualize new digital teaching-learning activities, review and assess activities under development, and ensure consistency between curriculum and teaching-learning materials. For 6 years she taught grades 5-10 and while teaching she completed her B.Sc. and post graduate degree in Education (PGDE) from Kathmandu University, School of Education.

Ganesh has been associated with OLE Nepal since September 2009 as the E-Pustakalaya Coordinator – senior officer. Ganesh is primarily involved in further developing and expanding OLE Nepal’s existing electronic library so that it becomes a widely and regularly-used electronic resource for students, teachers, and families in Nepal as well as for the global Nepali diaspora. Ganesh has also organised writers’ workshops to produce original content for E-Pustakalaya. Ganesh holds a Master's Degree in Anthropology/Sociology from Tribhuvan University.

Ishan works as a web developer at OLE Nepal. He is engaged in the integration of Nepali Sign Language (NSL) instruction videos in our digital learning lessons and exercises. Ishan joined OLE as he was motivated to contribute using his skills in developing interactive and inclusive digital learning content for children with learning differences in Nepal.

Ishan holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

Kalpana works as Trainer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at OLE Nepal. She is responsible to coordinate and maintain functional relationships with key stakeholders, to bring about positive change in perception towards the use of technology in education through teacher training. Kalpana holds a Master’s degree in Educational Management and a MPhil degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Kathmandu University. She has a keen interest in needs assessment, design and delivery of tailor made training, monitoring and evaluation, and educational research. She is a founding member of Human Development and Environment Concerns Society Nepal.

Kumudini is the project content lead for the Digitally Enhanced Early Grade Reading Hamro Ramailo Kathaharu project. She is responsible for the overall design and development of interactive learning activities and stories for early grades. She has taught elementary school students & also students of graduate program. Kumudini holds MA & BA degrees in English Literature.

Kumudini is the project content lead for the Digitally Enhanced Hamro Ramailo Kathaharu project. She is responsible for the overall design and development of interactive learning activities and stories for early grades. She has taught elementary school students & also students of graduate program. Kumudini holds MA & BA degrees in English Literature.

Monil works as a UI/UX Designer at OLE Nepal. He works with the content design and development team to conceptualize, visualize and produce attractive user interface, stories and game designs from the perspective of a storyteller. Monil has previously worked in an IT company on UI/UX and illustrations, and he also has experience as a Business Analyst and Project Manager. Monil has a drive for learning new skills and one of his passions includes photography. He is part of "Photowalkers Nepal” club, where they collect photos and stories around Kathmandu valley. Monil’s desire to explore and enhance his creative side, while make a positive contribution to the community, motivated him to join OLE.  He has embraced OLE's vision as his own, with the realization of using his designing and story-telling skills, while nurturing his interests and drive for positive change. Monil holds a Bachelors in Information Management (BIM) from Institute of Management Studies Affiliated with Tribhuvan University with Information Technology as a major.

Manish is working as a game developer at OLE Nepal. His work entails developing and ensuring game functionality by translating design ideas, concepts, and requirements into a functional and engaging game using Unity Engine. He believes in team work and is committed to collaborative problem solving, creating sophisticated design, and a quality product that delivers on the mission of OLE Nepal to improve the quality of education by integrating technology in the teaching-learning process. Currently, Manish is working on creating new learning games in collaboration with J-WEL World Education Lab in MIT. Manish holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Applications.

Trained as a Graphic Designer, Narendra has been working with OLE Nepal since April 2008. As a senior officer, Narendra is highly engaged in designing graphics for digital activities and lessons. Narendra feels proud to be a part of the team which prepares digital learning materials destined for young children from rural Nepal. Before joining OLE Nepal, he worked for over a decade at Advertising and Designing company in Delhi as a senior graphics designer. Narendra holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Annamalai University in Chennai.

Niroj Giri is working as a Content Staff for the accessibility (Visual Impairment) project. He has been working with our digital library team to create and curate accessible books and reading materials for visually impaired person/s having print disabilities. With over 6 years of experience in the field of disability, Niroj has worked with the Cricket Association of the Blind Nepal, National Federation of the Disabled Nepal Gandaki Province, and in advocacy, awareness, capacity building for all types of person disabilities regarding the issues of human rights, health, education and overall rights of person with disabilities. Niroj says, “Having a person with disability as one of my family members, who actively works for the rights of persons with disability, is the main source of motivation to work in the field of disability. I think this project will be a great opportunity to use my knowledge and skills as well as to learn new ideas about disability.” He strongly believes in creating awareness about the different diversity of people in this society for whom accessibility is one of the major components, which is why he was motivated to join OLE’s accessibility project.

Niroj holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Anthropology and Population, and is currently studying Master's of Arts in Sociology.

Pradeep is a software development trainee at OLE Nepal. He works with our content development on creating interactive digital learning content for school education. Pradeep has served on the executive committees of his school's alumni and Leo club, and also helped develop a web-based management system in college. He has previously completed an internship at OLE Nepal. OLE’s mission to uplift the education system of rural areas of the country motivated him to rejoin as a trainee, and he expects to contribute to the organization's mission with determination, knowledge and new skills, while learning and growing everyday.

Pradeep is currently enrolled in Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology program at St. Xavier’s College in Kathmandu.

Prakash Maharjan (Prakhyat) is a Nepali Sign Language Interpreter at OLE Nepal. He is also an Executive board member of the national Sign Language Interpreters Nepal (NASLI-NEPAL). He works closely with the content team to create a digital content outline for NSL. Prakash Maharjan has worked as a Nepali Sign Langauge interpreter (NSLI) for more than 14 years is involved in several deaf and deaf-blind organizations.

Prakash is determined to contribute his skills, knowledge, and experience to create technology-based, productive, and quality learning experiences for deaf and deaf-blind children with disabilities all over Nepal. 

Pratiksha Tuladhar works as a Nepali Sign Language (NSL) Interpreter at OLE. She has worked as a teacher at a school for students with hearing and speech impairments and also has a government teaching license for the primary level. Pratiksha also has several years of work experience in Nepali Sign Language Interpretation. She is passionate about improving and innovating the quality of education for deaf children in Nepal, which is why she joined OLE Nepal.

Rabita has been with OLE Nepal since 2009 and she contributes in smooth functioning of the office administration and accounting. She is responsible for handling accounts, logistics, and procurement. Besides overseeing the administrative and accounting aspects of the organization, Rabita is also heavily involved in monitoring major administrative activities under deployments and field visits. She brings more than 10 years of experiences in department of accounting and logistics, working in the private sector. Rabita holds Masters in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University.

Rajendra is a Visual Impairment Expert consultant at OLE Nepal. He provides guidance and supports the digital library development team in creating accessible reading materials/contents for persons with visual impairment (blind/print disabilities). He coordinates and reviews the digital content to ensure that the conversion has been done accurately by following standard practices. Rajendra has over 12 years of experience in creating accessible reading materials/books for persons with visual impairments, with extensive knowledge of DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) standards. OLE Nepal's vision is to enhance and innovate the quality of education through technology was the key reason that motivated him to join the team and contribute his skills and knowledge to creating free, open, and accessible digital library space for people with blind/visual impairment.
Rajendra is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science.

Rajeshwori works as an intern at OLE Nepal. She works with our digital library team to help organize digital books and other content in our free and open online digital library. She has previously worked as a sales executive at a private company. Rajeshwori's interest in learning new skills motivated her to join OLE.

Rajeshwori has completed her schooling and currently awaiting her grade 12 exams.


Rashmi Shrestha works as a content staff at OLE Nepal. She works with our digital library content team on conversion and formatting of textbooks to make them accessible to learners with visual impairments. Rashmi has previously worked in different organizations that focus on social issues. She has also worked as a resident technology in teaching support staff in one of OLE Nepal’s program schools in Nuwakot. During the pandemic, Rashmi volunteered with UNDP where she worked with vulnerable members of the community that included women, children, senior citizens, differently-abled individuals and members of the LGBTQI+ groups. Rashmi strongly believes that education enlightens the pathway of humans and it serves as a guide throughout one’s life. She was motivated to be a part of OLE Nepal, as she believes in the work to make an inclusive education system by supporting the government to ensure the best quality of education all over Nepal by using technology.  

Rashmi holds a Bachelor in Social Work degree, and she is currently pursuing post graduate in counselling psychology.

Ravi is a Software Developer – Senior Associate at OLE Nepal. He is engaged in the development of learning games. He was motivated to join OLE to be able to work in the technical field and in a project that has the ability to better children’s educational background. Ravi has completed his Bachelors in computer engineering from Advanced College of Engineering and Management.

Regan is the Lead Developer for educational games development at OLE Nepal. He identifies himself as a creative team player and tries to bring different perspectives on the table for any given project. Regan is fascinated by how games have the power to  enhance critical thinking, embed playful learning, and inspire overall learning. “I love game designing where I find myself most creative while collecting and exploring different perspectives of team members and children. I truly believe that the effective implementation of technology in the learning process can enhance the learning experience and minimize learning resource disparity anywhere in the world. I am truly inspired and grateful for the work that I get to do at OLE Nepal.”, says Regan.

Regan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from Nepal College of Information Technology.

Rimesh is a Graphics and UI/UX designer at OLE Nepal. He works with content design and development teams to visualize and create appealing designs and graphical elements that help meet the learning objectives. Rimesh has previously worked as UI/UX designer and Graphic Designer in an IT company and design studio. OLE Nepal's vision to enhance and innovate te quality of education through technology is the key reason that motivated and encouraged him to join, contribute and grow as a part of the organization.

Rimesh is enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, majoring in graphic communication at Kathmandu University School of Arts.

Rochelle is a graphics illustrator and designer at OLE Nepal. She works with our content and game development teams to bring design ideas and concepts to life through illustrations and graphic elements. Rochelle has previous work experience in design houses as a creative, and also has experience of sharing her skills as an arts teacher at a local high school. The range of illustration based work in the content design and development projects was her main motivation for joining OLE Nepal. Rochelle has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Center for Art & Design, with a major in Graphic Communications.

Sadhana Poudel is a Graphic Artist and UI/UX designer at OLE. She works closely with the content design and development team to create illustrations, graphics, and user interfaces. She has over 11 years of experience in Graphic Design and Illustration at various Design Studios and IT companies. She has worked as an art teacher at HVM, Rising Star, and Seto Bangala. She has also volunteered to teach painting and origami art to children in rural areas of Nepal through Maya Academy. She is very enthusiastic about teaching children through art and illustrations, which is one of the key reasons to join OLE.

She is a fine art graduate from Kathmandu University.

Saijal works as a Software Developer at OLE Nepal. His main role is to upgrade and maintain the momentum of the digital library: E-Pustakalaya. Saijal has previous experience of working as a freelancer with different organizations and is also engaged in writing technical articles for different startup companies. He believes that using his programming skills to develop a better learning experience for the students is the most satisfying job, and that is what motivated him to join OLE Nepal. He is determined to give his whole effort to maintaining and upgrading the application so that it adds value and to each student.

Saijal has completed Bachelor in Information Management from Tribhuvan University.

Sama Neupane is a content trainee at OLE Nepal. She works with our content team in making accessible content for visually impaired individuals. She has worked in different organizations as an intern and actively participates in social work and volunteering. She has served in Leo club as a Secretary and has worked in event organizing committees in the college. Sama was motivated to join OLE to work in improving access to quality education for the underprivileged in Nepal. She believes in consistency and is very keen on learning and growing in personal as well as professional level while using aptitudes in contributing to the organization’s work. 

Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Social Work at St. Xavier's College, Kathmandu University.

Sambridhi is a Nepali Sign Language (NSL) Interpreter at OLE Nepal. She works with the team and to create digital content outline for NSL which should be suitable for deaf students.  Sambridhi has worked as a NSL interpreter for 10 years and is involved in several deaf organizations. As an experienced NSL instructor, Sambriddhi is determined to contribute her skills and knowledge to create technology-based quality learning experiences for deaf children in Nepal. 

Sambriddhi is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Business Studies degree from Tribhuvan University.

Sanish is working as a content staff at OLE Nepal. He works with our content team in organizing and testing new digital learning activities. Sanish has previously worked as a Teaching Facilitator for our laptop project schools in Darchula. He was motivated to join OLE to work due to the work being done to promote quality education. During his time at OLE Nepal, he expects to contribute to improving education in rural areas and lessen rural-urban education inequality.

Sanish has completed Bachelor in Business Information System and is currently pursuing his Master's in Education in English Language Teaching from Kathmandu University.

Sukirti Manandhar is a content designer and quality analyst at OLE Nepal. She helps create and review interactive educational content.
Her degree in Social Work has allowed her to work in different settings such as children's safehouses and women and LGBTQIA+ empowerment organizations. Suki's drive towards accessibility and upliftment is what made her join the OLE team. Besides doing social work, she also creates art on the side.

Shishir is working as a Senior Program Officer at OLE Nepal. His primary areas of work at OLE Nepal is to support the planning, implementation, and monitoring of OLE Nepal projects. Being a trained teacher, Shishir is actively involved in OLE Nepal’s teachers training programs. He believes that investment in education is one of the best ways to achieve sustainable development. He holds a Master’s degree in Education from Tribhuvan University.

Swastika is an intern at OLE Nepal. She works with the digital library team on content development and management. Swastika started her internship immediately after completing her grade 12 exams, as she was searching for a meaningful learning experience, and was inspired by the work of OLE Nepal in providing quality educational opportunities to all students in Nepal. She wants to use her skills to learn and contribute to the ongoing programs of the organization.

 Swastika has completed her schooling from the Arniko International Academy in Lalitpur.


As Senior Manager at OLE Nepal, Tikaraj is responsible for the overall planning of all the training programs, coordinating and managing with schools, delivering periodic training as well as updating and revising training programs and manuals. He is keen on mobilizing local community support to ensure successful integration of technology in schools and communities. Tikaraj is a trained trainer, has designed and delivered training for government officials, local bodies and community members. His previous work experience in the development sector have been with Helvetas Nepal, Rural Access Program and United Nations Development Program funded projects.

Trishala handles the communication and outreach efforts of OLE Nepal. She works towards promoting the organization’s goals and activities. Trishala was motivated to join OLE Nepal because of the work the organization has been doing to continuously improve the learning experience of students.

Trishala has completed her Masters of Arts in Development Studies. 

Upaya brings more than fifteen years of experience in finance and administration, with almost a decade long stint in the banking sector before joining OLE Nepal. With his in-depth knowledge in financial planning and operations, Upaya deftly handles all the accounts and reports, along with the obtaining approvals for OLE Nepal’s projects from various bodies. Upaya joined OLE Nepal right after the organization was formed in 2007 and has since led the effort to establish various official policies, codes and practices. Upaya holds M.Com. and B.Com. degrees from the University of Delhi, India.