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About Bajhang

Bajhang District is located in the remote Far Western Region of Nepal. It is one of the eleven food-insecure districts in the region served by the World Food Programme (WFP). The Ministry of Education and WFP run School Meals Program in 200 of the total 454 primary schools in the district to provide students with at least one healthy meal per day while ensuring regular attendance at school. With this project, OLE Nepal and WFP aim to feed the mind in addition to feeding the bodies of students in this far flung district, and provide them an opportunity at a better future.


Project Strategy

OLE Nepal will work with development partners and local bodies such as the District Development Committee (DDC) and concerned Village Development Committees (VDC) to cover other project costs related to deployment, training, monitoring and support. The project will draw from the experience that OLE Nepal and its implementing partners including the Department of Education (DoE) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have gathered through four years of implementing laptop-based education initiatives, and will also utilize the educational content, training package, and technical models that have been developed during this period. The project will work closely with the District Education Office (DEO), DoE and WFP to plan and execute the programs, including community participation, teacher training, laptop deployment, monitoring and support.

Year No of schools
2013-14 10
2014-15 13
2015-16 20


Project Activities

School Selection

A total of 20 schools spanning twelve Village Development Committees (VDC) in Bajhang district have been recommended by the Bajhang District Education Office (DEO) for the second phase of the program, resulting in total of 43 schools with our laptop program. The schools were selected as the conclusion of the field visit undertaken by a team consisting of DEO officials, World Food Programme (WFP) Sub-Office personnel, and OLE Nepal staff. The team visited various schools in the area and interacted with communities during the visit that took place from May 23 to June 8, 2015. Each school was required to fill out a detailed survey questionnaire on how the school planned to sustain the laptop program beyond the initial few years, what steps they plan to take to ensure success of the program, and how they thought the program would benefit their students. The responses provided by the schools were one of the determining factors in the school selection process. Along with the above mentioned component, schools commitment towards child-friendly learning opportunities was also equally important. It was also important for the schools to have basic infrastructure to carry forward the program with same determination and dedication as well as to have strong community support.


School Interaction

Orientation program has been conducted for the teachers of newly selected twenty schools. After the orientation program, basic training will be conducted for the teachers of newly selected schools in Bajhang. The main aim of seven day basic training is to familiarize the teachers with E–Paati (XO Laptops) and its functions along with highlighting the importance of integrating digital learning educational resources within their teaching-learning process.


Laptops have arrived

The XO-4 laptops were procured from the funds raised by OLE Nepal from individuals and organizations in Nepal and abroad. The laptops were tested and deployed to selected schools. Like the ones deployed in previous twenty three schools, new laptops for Bajhang will have same new features making it suitable for the schools in rural areas. It will run on ARM based processor which makes the laptop a much faster machine. Along with having more memory, storage and speed and consuming 40% less power, these laptops will also have a touchscreen featured on them. The technical team redesigned the Operating System to suit the new processor. They ported the software (E-Paath) bundle to be accommodated in the new processor. The team also added translation in new interface because of the new sugar version and worked on invoking Nepali character input.


Solar Power System

OLE Nepal has selected vendor for deployment and installation of solar power systems in the school and they have been successful in delivering solar panels to the respective schools. Not all schools have electrical power, hence, solar power systems will allow for smooth project operation of the program. Learning from the past experience, OLE Nepal has also brought some changes in designs of the desks by managing space for XO power adapter, allowing it to tie the power cords behind the desks and to make the classrooms neat and safe. The newly designed desks has been constructed and delivered to the schools. Our project partner for the solar power installation and desk is WFP.



We have successfully raised funds for 600 laptops for 20 more schools in Bajhang district. Various fund raising activities were conducted both in and outside of Nepal. We would like to thanks all our local and international donors for their generous support towards our campaign of reaching more schools for quality education in rural of the country.




We would like to thank you all for your kind support towards our organization.

OLE Nepal Laptop fund Kathmandu $28135
Ace Development Bank Kathmandu $252
Ajay Shrestha Kathmandu $250
Jyoti Sherchan Kathmandu $100
Caroline Vandeabeele Kathmandu $50
Diana Hinova Kathmandu $50
Jyoti Group Nepal Kathmandu $6,250
Mustang Trails Kathmandu $364
Rachana Dhakhwa Shakya Kathmandu $50
Robert Piper Kathmandu $50
Stine Heiselberg Kathmandu $50

We would like to heartily thank our major contributors for their support towards the organization. The immediate procurement of the laptops has been possible through their huge support.

Daryl & Maxine Daryl & Maxine Zook, Sarasota, Florida – $10,000

[ Year – 2014 ]

IDRF India Development and Relief Fund – $12,500

[ Year – 2013 ]

Help Nepal Network Help Nepal Network US Inc. – $12,500

[ Year – 2012 ]

Jyoti Group Nepal Jyoti Group Nepal – $6,250

[ Year – 2012 ]


We would like to thank you all for your kind support towards our organization.

Anjuli Piya San Francisco $200
Anna Schmidt Elkhart, Indiana $75
Anonymous USA $250
Caroline Jacoby Baltimore, MD $250
Carrie Hartzler Bhandari Indiana, USA $100
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Goshen, Indiana $250
Harrie Vollaard Europe $5821
Ilya Katz New York $75
Jennifer & Geoff Buchholz Goshen, Indiana $150
Jonathan Hartzler & Anike Wedel Goshen, Indiana $100
Joseph B Callahan Colorado $150
Jodi L. Greene Illinois, USA $250
Karma Holistic Center LA $250
Loretta Mast Middlebury, Indiana $120
Lynn & Darlene Miller Elkhart, Indiana $250
Manish Bajracharya Kansas $250
Matthew & Erin Milanese Indiana, USA $650
Martha Jacoby Boston $250
Michael & Cecilia Haines New Paris, Indiana $120
Pratik Goyal India $50
Ram Chettri Goshen, IN $1500
Ram Khattri Chettri & Karen James Middlebury, Indiana $1200
Rohit Hegde Poona, India $1616
Ryan Stoy & Laura Gilbert Goshen, Indiana $300
Suman and Carrie Bhandari Goshen, Indiana $100
Tonja Zook Elkhart, Indiana $600
Vicki & Mark Smucker Goshen, Indiana $2000
Wanda Vivequin Canada $5778
Anonymus   $10
Ben & Karen Mendoza Goshen, IN $100
Christopher Gaby Indiana $100
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill (Chris and Terry Adam) Goshen, IN $250
Dan Scarsella & Suzzane Hertzler Indiana $250
Daryl & Maxine Zook Goshen, IN $3000
David & Doreen Behnke Goshen, IN $35
Dawn Akins Indiana $25
Edgar & Ethel Metzler Goshen, IN $100
Frederick & Kimberly Kieper Goshen, IN $50
IDRF Washington DC $12500
John D Roth & Ruth Miller Roth Goshen, IN $100
Jonathan Hartzler & Anike Wedel Goshen Goshen, IN $100
Josheph Fernando Indiana $75
Kyle Schlabaugh and Jessica Baldanzi Goshen, IN $150
Laura Mills San Francisco $250
Lynn Miller Indiana $125
Matthew & Erin Milanese Goshen, IN $700
Nisha Thapa San Francisco $100
Polly Hoover Indiana $50
Pooja Sherchan San Francisco $101
Ryan Stoy & Laura Gilbert Goshen, IN $250
Shamod Lacoul San Francisco $100
Shanthi Muthiah Washington DC $150
Swarnim Ranjitkar San Francisco $200
Tina Lambdin Kingsbury Goshen, IN $100
Tonja Zook Goshen, IN $500
Topraj Gurung San Francisco $253
Vicki & Mark Smucker Goshen, IN $1000
Wade Psychological Services, Inc Goshen, IN $500
Amanda Lantz Indiana $50
Anilpc   $20
Anjan and Anubhav Bhattarai San Francisco Bay Area $25
Anup Dhamala New Hampshire $25
Anonymous   $250
Anonymous Colorado $100
Anonymous New York, USA $30
Anonymous San Francisco Bay Area $62
Anonymous Washington DC, USA $258
Anshu and Sarju Washington DC $150
Asim Lamsal Australia $100
Ben & Karen Mendoza Indiana $100
Bibek Kafle Oregon $50
Bill Bowling Oregon $100
Bina, Daman and Ariana San Francisco Bay Area $500
Binesh and Sujin San Francisco Bay Area $40
Boulder community and Sherpa Resturant Boulder, Colorado $598
Carol Silver San Francisco $36
Caroline Jacoby Baltimore, MD, USA $250
Catherine V. and Timothy J Babington Colorado $100
Chris & Robin Shetler Indiana $20
Christa Robertson San Francisco Bay Area $50
Connie Urro Muniz Colorado $20
Deden Dolma San Francisco Bay Area $25
Danile & John Martens Indiana $200
Daryl & Maxine Zook Indiana $2000
David Silva and Linda Spangler San Francisco Bay Area $50
Dawn Akins Indiana $25
Daisy Kansakar New York $100
Diane Smith Indiana $50
Dieter Bruhn Colorado $50
Dinesh Bhandary San Francisco $100
Diwas and Smrity Shrestha Colorado $150
Doug Mayeux Texas $200
Emily Martin   $25
Frisco community and Himalayan Cuisine Frisco, Colorado $480
Hara Rani San Francisco Bay Area $258
Help Nepal Network US Inc USA $12500
James and Martia Corin Colorado $30
Jason Oswald Indiana $150
Jennifer and Geoffrey Buchholz Indiana $250
Jesbina Piya Boston $50
Jill Meola Colorado $50
Joe Fernando Texas $25
John   $250
Jonathan Hartzler & Anika Wedel Indiana $75
Jonathan Hartzler & Anika Wedel Indiana $100
Kushan Maskey Dallas $50
Kyle Schlabaugh and Jessica Baldanzi Indiana $50
Lynn & Darlene Miller Indiana $75
Manjima Sharma Texas $250
Martha H. Jacoby Boston $250
Mary Pat Munding Colorado $50
Matthew & Erin Milanese Indiana $400
Maureen T Valenta Colorado $200
Mitch & Heidi Siemens-Rhodes Indiana $100
Nam and Tom Colorado $500
Neha Dahal San Francisco Bay Area $20
Niva Shrestha Boston $250
Nora   $250
Numa and Lokesh San Francisco Bay Area $500
Pennington Wimbush Colorado $500
Polly Hoover Indiana $40
Prajani KC Arizona $100
Pratima Adhikari San Francisco Bay Area $25
Pravin Rana Washington DC, USA $150
Prerna Boston, USA $1,250
Ram Khattri Chettri & Karen James Indiana $1325
Ravi and Usha Kachhapati San Francisco Bay Area $101
Richard & W.Jean Hirschler Indiana $75
Ronald and Deborah Schwartz Colorado $250
Ryan Stoy & Laura Gilbert Indiana $100
Sagar Dangi   $25
Sahayeta (c/o Nisha Thapa) San Francisco Bay Area $250
Samodh San Francisco Bay Area $25
Sanchita and Bhuwan San Francisco Bay Area $100
Sbjc   $100
Shovna and Jimmy Colorado $100
Sophia Sapkota San Francisco Bay Area $20
Surya Chataut San Francisco Bay Area $250
Sushma KC Manandhar Florida $30
Swarnim Ranjitkar San Francisco Bay Area $100
Stephen & Colleen Lindsey Indiana $150
Terry & Melody Ernsberger Indiana $75
Thilin and Mamta San Francisco Bay Area $60
Thomas Choy Indiana $100
Thushan Hemachandra Indiana $100
Tonja Zook Indiana $250
Tonja Zook Indiana $500
Trista & Travis Nunemaker Indiana $200
Veronica Riquelme Washington DC $100
Vicki & Mark Smucker Indiana $250
Vicki & Mark Smucker Indiana $250
From Marathon
Abhaya Shrestha NYC $50
Alistair Bridie Australia $100
Alok Nepal Washington DC $25
Anonymous Washington DC $50
Anonymous San Francisco Bay Area $500
Ashmita Pande Washington DC $100
Awishmaran Basnyet Washington DC $15
Dechenla and Binay BostonDC $200
Grishma & Ritesh Shrestha Washington DC $40
James and Anne E. Buckley family Washington DC $1000
Rabin & Monica Washington DC $25
Rainpiya San Francisco Bay Area $250
Sarah Kate Washington DC $100
Sheila Liljenquist and Kevin Buckley Washington DC $100
Triguna Basnet NYC $100


Pankaj Rayamajhi completed the 37th Marine Corps Marathon on October 28 in Washington DC and raised about $2500 for Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal. The money will be used to buy 10 laptops for a school in rural Bajhang district of Nepal. Thank you Pankaj and everyone who supported him in this effort. .


Open Learning Exchange is a registered 501(c)3 charity, and your donations may reduce the income tax you have to pay. You will receive an automatic receipt for your donation by email, and a formal receipt by mail at the end of the year.

For more information or inquiry, please email us at donate@olenepal.org