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Robotics Training

On March 10 and 13, 2023 our team conducted Robotics teachers training for ten schools in Lalitpur. The main agenda of the program was to  approach the school teachers to provide practical and skill based training in introducing robotic classes. 

The teachers received training on various types of robotics models, including those that use light sensors to control LEDs, push buttons, line tracing robots, and accelerometers. The training was focused on review of module 1 to 3 and introduction of  module 4-6.This training helped the teachers gain an understanding of the different sensory parts used in these models, such as light sensors, touch sensors, and LED lights (red, blue, green). Additionally, the teachers were taught how to design and program these models.

During the training, the teachers were introduced to an IR reflector, which was used to teach them about the programming aspect of line tracing robots. They were also taught about the programming aspect of accelerometers, which are used to measure acceleration and motion. Overall, this training provided the teachers with an introduction to robotics models and their sensory parts, as well as programming techniques for specific sensors.

On the second day of training, the teachers were introduced to two different robotics models: a quadrupedal robot and a bipedal robot. They were taught about how these robots work, as well as the mechanism behind their walking. The quadrupedal robot was built using three servomotors and various legos, and the teachers were taught about its structure. The servo motors were indicated using indicators that were included in the robotics kit.

The programming aspect of the quadrupedal robot was also covered in the training. Additionally, the teachers were taught about the structure of the bipedal robot and how the center of gravity can affect the robot’s overall structure.

Overall, the training on the second day provided the teachers with an introduction to two different robotics models and their mechanisms, as well as the programming and structural aspects of building and designing them.

The session was followed up by a briefing session about the robotics competition. The teachers were informed about a competition that will involve six students from grades 7 to 9.Overall, the briefing provided the teachers with important information about the competition, as well as suggestions for preparing their students for it. We also added one program school in Lalitpur. This totals 11 Robotics program schools in Lalitpur. The school was selected and recommended by the Education unit at Lalitpur Metropolitan City.