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Refresher Teacher Training and Monitoring/ Support

Nagarkot and Gorkha | February 2023

Enhancing learning through technology is essential for growing and educating children. Through our program “Enhanced Learning Through Laptop”, our team of trainers, including technical members, performed one-day monitoring and refresher teacher training. The team observed how teachers and students integrated digital learning tools throughout the visit, gave teachers feedback on how to incorporate these resources in the classroom, and provided technical support based on the requirements of the schools. The schools that they visited were Chuna Devi Secondary School, Nagarkot, Bagh Bhairav Basic School, Taple and Sagun Primary School, Ahale in Gorkha on February 6, 9 and 10, 2023. 

All of the schools are  integrating digital resources in their teaching and learning process, and the frequency of use varies from school to school. It was observed that most of the children residing in Gorkha were less than the laptops provided. In order to enhance learning to use laptops, our team gave a basic orientation on laptop parts and their functions along with troubleshooting techniques practiced among the teachers.  As the schools are towards the end of this academic year, the regular use of resources by all the grades will begin  from the beginning of the new academic year and follow the routine to ensure the regular use of resources. The teacher’s were committed and enthusiastic to utilize these learning materials and give the children a different approach to grasp knowledge for their studies.