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School Monitoring Visit in Gorkha

Gorkha | October 2022

OLE Nepal and ONGD-FNEL visited two schools in Gorkha that are a part of our laptop program, Baghbhairav Basic School and Dullav Secondary School. The purpose of the visit was to assess the status and effectiveness of the program, as well as its impact on the teaching and learning process.

During the visit, we observed, interacted, and engaged with teachers, students, and parents, and examined the status and use of the devices and digital materials. Based on our observations, it appears that the teachers have successfully integrated digital resources into their daily teaching routines and have adopted a more student-centered approach. The students have also shown improved self-learning skills and reading skills, and seem to be more engaged and motivated by the use of e-learning tools and activities.

Overall, the laptop program and our resources like E-paath have had a positive impact on the teaching and learning process in these schools. The teachers and students have reported significant progress in their abilities and engagement, and we believe that the program has the potential to continue improving education outcomes in the future with updated content.

Some photographs from the visit: