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The Launch of Our E-Paath Application

Lalitpur | August 2022

We have launched a mobile application for our E-Paath collection. Titled “E-Paath”, it is currently available in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The primary objective of developing and launching this app was to increase the area of our targeted audience. Far more users have access to a mobile phone than they do to a laptop. In addition, we also believe that young learners are much more comfortable and efficient in using mobile devices and the apps there. With this in mind, we’ve decided to bring our E-Paath lessons and activities to mobile phones. 

Through the E-Paath application, students who could not engage in our E-Paath collection through browsers now have access to all of our content on their phones. Just like in our main collection, the E-Paath app consists of activity modules separated into ‘lesson’ and ‘exercise’ segments. Users can learn about various topics covering English, math, science/our surroundings and Nepali in the lessons that are interactive and engaging. After each lesson’s completion, they can do the exercises that show how well they have learned the content. All of our lessons and activities are geared towards fun learning and have a strong emphasis on inclusivity and child-centered education. We have also provided a teacher’s note with each activity, instructing teachers on how they can integrate the E-Paath activities in their classrooms.

You can download the E-Paath app on your phone from the Google Play Store here.