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Teacher Training at Kavre Deaf School

Kavre | May 2022

We completed a five day basic teacher training program on Raspberry Pi (RPi) devices, Nepali Sign Language (NSL) integrated E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya at Shree Kavre Deaf School. Our main objectives were to introduce the teachers to the NSL integrated E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya, and to train them on integrating technology in the classroom. Out of the 13 participating teachers, 3 of them had hearing impairments. 

About the program and the devices

Prior to the teacher training, OLE Nepal’s technical team had set up a computer lab with 15 Raspberry Pi 400 computers and a digital library server. The RPi 400 is a low-cost and low-power computer that is built into a keyboard. It’s the most powerful yet intuitive RPi device so far, and one of the latest technologies that we have deployed. The training was aimed at guiding the teachers on how to use these devices as a part of using technology in their teaching activities.

What we did

During the training, we demonstrated regular and NSL integrated E-Paath and discussed their relationships with the curriculum and textbooks. We conducted a hands-on session that familiarized the teachers with their content. Subsequently, the teachers were asked to present a classroom activity plan using the NSL integrated E-Paath and other digital resources in their everyday routine. Two teachers, including a teacher with hearing impairment, performed a model class each on ICT integrated teaching. The model class was followed by a discussion for improvements in the future.

We had a presentation and discussion on E-Pustakalaya. The teachers explored and got hands-on experience of the content in the digital library. Our training also introduced the teachers to Sanketik Sikai, digital content designed by OLE Nepal to learn Nepali Sign Language. Additionally, we also introduced them to other educational softwares such as TuxMath, My Paint, Gcompris, Scratch and Tux Typing, so they could encourage students to learn math, language and art in interactive and engaging ways. 

Photos of the training:

What we found

As a result of the training, the teachers also gave us some valuable feedback. Many of them suggested that OLE Nepal include other subjects and grades in the NSL E-Paath, along with creating chapters for other grades as well. They also asked us to add more content for Sanketik Sikai as it is very useful for other teachers to learn sign language. Teachers with hearing impairments suggested that these contents could be introduced to other schools for the deaf across the country. 

The training was received well by all of the teachers. We noticed that the teachers with hearing impairments were especially interested in and impressed by the NSL integrated E-Paath as it was their first experience in using NSL integrated content. We believe that the teachers are confident in and committed to implementing the training in their classrooms effectively.

This program was carried out with support from KDDI Foundation, Japan and UNICEF Nepal.