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Training Teachers on Robot Programming

Lalitpur | April 2022

The robotics program was introduced in and conducted in seven schools throughout 2019. Our plans to expand the program had been delayed due to COVID-19, however, we were able to carry it out again following the reopening of schools. In April 2022, we brought the program to three new schools. 

From each of the participating schools, Shramjeet Kishor Secondary School, Shree Shanti Secondary School, and Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School, three teachers took part in the training. We handed over two Artec Robotic Kits to each school and covered the basics of robot programming. The teachers learned how to program robot cars, collision detectors, block throwers and line tracing robots. 

Photos of the training:

The program was well received by the schools and the teachers were confident that their students would benefit greatly from the robotics program. Other teachers who were in contact with the participating teachers also expressed interest in having the program in their classrooms too. 

The program was conducted in partnership between KDDI Foundation, Japan, Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) and OLE Nepal, with technical support from the Miyagi University of Education, Japan.