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Refresher Teacher Training in Gorkha

Gorkha | April 2022

OLE Nepal completed a teachers’ training on E-Paath integrated teaching-learning at Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School in Taple, Gorkha. The training, carried out with support from the Rotary Club of Silkeborg Denmark and the Rotary club of Kathmandu, saw participating teachers from two schools: Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School and Sagun English Boarding School. Our main objective was to develop the teachers’ skills and confidence to use digital lessons in the classroom.

We allocated three days of training on E-Paati, E-Paath lessons, digital library resources  and its pedagogical aspects. We also provided technical support towards the end by updating the E-Paati content and fixing the E-Pustakalaya server network at the school. In order to make the training effective we focused on what the teachers’ previous understanding was and added topics that were relevant and relatable to them. Majority of the participating teachers from Sagun English Boarding School were new and had not received basic training before. To help them catch up, we introduced ICT tools and digital learning materials from the basics. 

Following that, the teachers also practiced on E-Paath and had conversations about the relationship between curriculum, textbooks and E-Paath activities. E-Pustakalaya was also introduced to the teachers with a demonstration on how to download and read books through its offline server. The final day of the training was mainly given to discussing classroom management methods. Two teachers conducted a practice teaching session and were given feedback through group discussions. 

All participants were actively involved in the training, even if some of them were inexperienced with E-Paati laptops. We believe that the teachers can maintain the learnings of the training and recommend that they review their practices among themselves routinely. OLE Nepal will be engaged in follow-up and support visits so that the program is implemented effectively.

We had also conducted an endline survey at Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School and Sagun English Boarding School a day prior to the training. The endline survey was done to evaluate the users’ learning achievements. We included sets of questions for Math, Science and English for each grade. 

The training was carried out with support from Rotary Club of Silkeborg, Denmark and Rotary club of Kathmandu 

Photos of the training: