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Revisiting laptop program school in Nagarkot

Nagarkot | March 2022:

OLE Nepal has conducted refresher training for the teachers of Shree Chunadevi Secondary School in Nagarkot on March 18-20, 2022. The main objective of the refresher training program was to revisit and recall the skills obtained from the basic E-Paath integrated teachers training. The laptop program in the school was launched in February 2019, where 19 fully-loaded XO laptops were deployed and an offline digital library server was installed at the school’s computer lab. 

This refresher training allowed teachers to practice the skills learnt in the initial training and to enhance quality in the technology-integrated teaching process. The three-day training event was designed to help teachers find solutions for the issues and troubles they have been facing in the regular E-Paath integrated teaching process. Trainers also conducted hands-on sessions to explore offline E-Pustakalaya, its features and content.

Trainers facilitated some sharing sessions between the teachers. Teachers also appreciated the platform to share their knowledge and experience on the teaching and learning process with their colleagues. This was valuable as through their shared experiences and common issues, the teachers were able to discuss some solutions as a group. 

Photos from the training program:

During the school visit, our trainers observed that the school was caring for the devices and running the program well while the school was open. After the training, our team also conducted an endline survey to figure out the learning achievements of the students. Our team will prepare a comparative study report on the findings from the survey.

The technology in education program at Shree Chunadevi Secondary School was implemented in collaboration with Rotary club of Silkeborg, Denmark and Rotary Club of Kathmandu.