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Teacher training for digital learning program

Kavre | March 2022:

OLE Nepal’s team of trainers completed a teacher training program on technology integrated teaching-learning methodology for teachers Golmeswori Basic School in Kavre. The four-day teacher training program was held at the school’s computer lab on March 7-10 2022. OLE Nepal’s technical team head previously completed the computer lab set up in the school on September 14, 2021. They had set up 18 units of RPi computer sets and installed E-Pustakalaya offline server along with all the accessories in the computer lab when the school construction was completed last year.  

Two trainers from OLE Nepal visited the school to conduct the training for six teachers on digital learning using the Raspberry Pi computers and digital resources available in E-Pustakalaya. The objective of the training was to develop teachers’ skills and confidence in integrating technology and digital learning resources in classroom lessons. Teachers were introduced to the contents of the offline digital library server, and trained on the integration of technology in classrooms. 

The training aimed to develop the teacher’s aptitude to seek references and include them in their lesson delivery. OLE Nepal’s trainers were also able to guide teachers on troubleshooting technical problems related to the different devices in their computer lab, as well as the pedagogical aspects. At the end of the training session, the teachers were confident in their skills in the handling of the devices and integrating the digital lessons in their classrooms. This was demonstrated by the teachers in the practice class sessions during the training.

This teacher training program, along with the Raspberry Pi computers and digital library server in Golmeswori Basic School, Kavre was launched in partnership with Kids of Kathmandu.