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Raspberry Pi computers in new schools

Makawanpur and Sindhuli | February 2022: 

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal has successfully completed basic teachers’ training on Raspberry Pi, E-paath (National curriculum based digital interactive learning materials) and E-Pustakalaya (digital library) at Manakamana Secondary School, Hetauda, Janakalyan Basic School and Thakureswor Basic School, Sindhuli. The training program was conducted in two events  from  February 16-20, 2022 at Manakamana Secondary School, Makawanpur and February 22-26, 2022 at Jana Kalyan Basic school, Sindhuli. The teachers from Thakureswor Basic School joined the training at Janakalyan Basic School, Barabise.

The program was facilitated by OLE Nepal’s training team in partnership with Relief Nepal, partner organization of All Hands and Hearts (AHAH). Our main objective was to familiarize the teachers with Raspberry Pi devices and to develop their skills in integrating technology and digital learning resources in their classrooms. A total of 21 teachers (11 male and 10 female) participated in the training. Prior to the training, our technical team prepared a total of 72 Raspberry Pi computers for the deployment and training. Our team traveled to all three schools to install 24 Raspberry Pi devices at each of the three schools, along with the offline E-Pustakalaya server and school network. Computer labs in Manakamana Secondary School and Janakalyan Basic School were set up before the training by OLE Nepal’s technical team, while the lab in Thakureswor Basic School was set up after the teacher training was completed.

During the program, our trainers demonstrated E-Paath and discussed its relations between the curriculum and textbooks. The teachers were given hands-on experience in learning how to integrate E-Paath content in their lesson plans. Asides from directing the teachers on the functionalities of Raspberry Pi, E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya, they were also prepared on troubleshooting classroom issues that were technical, managerial and pedagogical. Our trainers instructed the teachers on the application of Raspberry Pi and helped them understand its parts and functions. Other important aspects of learning in the classroom, such as record keeping, motivation and reward system to encourage reading among students, were also discussed extensively.

Teacher Training at Manakamana Secondary School:

The five days training program at both events was observed by representatives from Relief Nepal, and AHAH. Chairperson and Education chief of Marin Rural Municipality also observed the training at Janakalyan Basic School, Barbise. Altogether we had 21 teachers (11 male and 10 female) participate in this training program. 

Students in these three schools now have access to quality digital learning materials in E-Pustakalaya, including our E-Paath content. The program was a success as our trainers saw that the teachers were engaged and committed. Following the training, the teachers agreed to integrate the digital content on a regular basis, and have shared an action plan to integrate digital learning in their daily classroom activities.

Teacher Training at Janakalyan Basic School: