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Creating new NSL content for STEAM-Ahead project

Lalitpur | December 2021:

OLE Nepal is developing digital learning contents for children with hearing impairments by creating interactive lessons with Nepali Sign Language (NSL) integration. The project focused on providing access to quality digital learning resources and capacity development of teachers and local bodies to promote quality learning. 

Currently the development of Nepali Sign Language (NSL) content collection is at different stages. A total of 30 chapters are being developed, out of which four chapters have been tested, ten chapters are being reviewed and updated, and the remaining chapters are in the process of being reviewed. These content include different topics ranging from Nepali alphabet to numbers to focusing on sign language. During the different phases of development, multiple rounds of meetings among team members including NSL experts, interpreters, and content designers were held to make these digital lessons and exercises in each content/topic more interactive and user-friendly.

In 2021, our team focused on the development of digital content for Nepali Sign Language content development. In the coming year we will be deploying these newly developed contents on fully-loaded computers and digital library servers with learning content ranging from national curriculum-based, grade-wise digital content: E-Paath; textbooks; educational videos; audiobooks, and interactive learning softwares. In addition, the STEAM Ahead content developed by Wi-STEAM will also be loaded on these servers. We will organise teacher training programs on the integration of digital learning resources to launch the program at 15 new schools in the project area of Dolpa in Karnali Province. 

User-testing NSL content

OLE Nepal is teaming up with Plan International Nepal to bring quality learning experiences to the children from marginalized communities in Dolpa district through the “STEAM-Ahead: Showing Talent, Equality & Ambition of Marginalised children in Karnali” project. Our goal is to address inadequate learning environments and resources, as well as harmful social and gender norms and practices that have continued to perpetuate inequality in access to quality education opportunities in the region.

The STEAM Ahead project is supported by the European Commission represented by the European Union in Nepal.