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Installing EP servers at local level offices in Karnali and Sudurpaschim Provinces

Karnali and Sudurpaschim Provinces | December 2021:

Our team has completed the installation of E-Pustakalaya offline digital library servers in 22 Municipality and Rural Municipality offices of 4 districts in Sudurpaschim province. All local level offices in Achham (10), Dailekh (5), and Jajarkot (7), now have access to the offline version of our education-focused digital library’s collection of books, videos, audiobooks, and interactive teaching-learning materials. Officials including the Education unit, chief administrative officer, elected officials, and teachers attended the orientation sessions and showed interest in the possibility of expanding the digital library program to schools in their communities.

Each local level was provided with an E-Pustakalaya offline server manual that contains basic information on how to use digital resources available in servers, and basic troubleshooting techniques on servers and routers. The library server also has an android app for users to download books on their mobile phones so that they can read them later.  Users can access the digital content on their mobile devices through wireless network (offline) setup. A poster with information on how to access the server was also placed at each location for visitor/community members, and it also has contact information so that interested schools and libraries can reach out for offline digital library installation.

After the installation of digital library servers in Karnali Province, our team met with local on December 15, 2021, Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal’s team met with the Secretary – Krishna Prasad Kapri, Under Secretary – Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, and officials at the Ministry of Social Development at Birendranagar, Surkhet in Karnali Province. At the meeting, OLE Nepal’s Senior Manager, Mr. Tikaraj Karki shared updates about the installation of offline E-Pustakalaya digital library servers at 12 different local level offices (5 in Dailekh and 7 in Jajarkot district) in Karnali Province, completed by OLE’s team. Attendees were given an orientation on the features and contents of the educational offline library server, and there were further discussions on the possibility of expanding the digital library access in the province.

Meeting with officials at Ministry of Social Development at Birendranagar, Karnali Province

With the completion of installation of digital library servers at 22 municipality offices, our team has successfully equipped 59 municipalities in the region with offline E-Pustakalaya digital library servers, and provided hands-on training, orientation and dissemination of E-Pustakalaya content. We are proud to partner with the United Nations World Food Programme Nepal to provide free and open access to the digital library resources in Sudurpaschim and Karnali provinces.