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Raspberry Pi computer lab with digital library set up in Kavre

September 2021 | Kavre

OLE Nepal has successfully completed offline E-Pustakalaya (digital library) installation and setting up Raspberry Pi computer lab at Gulmeshwori Primary School, Kavre. Our technical team and trainer visited the school in Kavre, on September 14, 2021, to set up the Raspberry Pi (RPi) computer labs and conduct orientation on the offline digital library. 

The visiting team setup 18 units of RPi computer sets along with all the accessories in the computer lab of the newly constructed school. They installed the  E-Pustakalaya offline server and connected the wireless Router to it, so that students and teachers can access the library on their mobile devices. After the installation was complete, the technical team conducted an orientation on the contents of E-Pustakalaya and the RPi computers. The teachers were introduced to the features, functions and tips on proper handling of the installed devices. Our team demonstrated how to connect the RPi, laptops and mobile devices to the digital library server using the router to access the educational content of the library. 

This orientation session was followed by a hands-on session on the functions and handling of the equipment by the teachers. At the end of the session, the teachers were able to find useful learning materials in the digital library and were confident about the use of the digital library equipment. The Raspberry Pi computer lab and digital library in Gulmeshwori Primary School, Kavre was launched in partnership with Kids of Kathmandu.