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Students learning on tablets during lockdown

OLE Nepal launched a home-based learning program in partnership with the Lalitpur Metropolitan City Office (LMC) and KDDI Foundation to address the changing education challenges faced by disadvantaged students using affordable, offline devices. Students in six pilot schools in Lalitpur were able to take home customized tablet computers loaded with digital learning resources on a rotational basis during the most recent covid outbreak. These pre-loaded tablets allowed the students to continue learning at home by following activities in their grade-specific workbooks and custom study plan for the months that the schools remained closed. Teachers in the pilot schools proceeded with caution and followed all safety precautions while facilitating the tablet check-out and rotation program. The program has helped public schools students who do not have access to devices and connectivity at home.

Students from Jalpa Secondary School in Dhapakhel, Bal Binod Secondary School in Na:Tole, Yashodhara Bouddha Secondary School in Thaina, Prabhat Secondary School in Tygal, Harisiddhi Secondary School in Harisiddhi, and Shramik Bal Bigyan Basic School in Pulchowk, Lalitpur was given weekly study plans with workbook along with the tablets to enable them to study at home, even without access to the internet. These tablet have been pre-loaded with over 40GB of learning content including OLE Nepal’s interactive E-Paath (epaath.olenepal.org) digital content, instructional videos produced by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, science and math educational games (games.olenepal.org), and other reference materials such as dictionaries in English and Nepali language.

During the last academic year, the schools in Lalitpur have had to shut down a few times. During the shut down the tablets have helped students transition into learning at home and school. These tablets have been used while in-person classes were in session as well.