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Refresher training for laptop program schools in Rupandehi

March 2021 | Rupandehi

Our team completed refresher training for teachers from two schools in Rupandehi – Shree Laxmi Basic School and Gyanjyoti Secondary School in Devdaha Municipality. A total of 14 teachers from both schools and three project staff from Soiya Mahila Swabalambi Sastha (SMSS) had participated in the refresher training program at Laxmi Basic School on March 26-27, 2021. Refresher training on the laptop integrated teaching-learning process is designed to help teachers deal with issues and challenges encountered while integrating digital resources in their daily classroom. Our technical team also provided technical and equipment support to the schools. The laptop program in these schools was launched in partnership with SMSS and Skoleliv-i-Nepal in April 2019.

OLE Nepal’s teacher training and technical team visited program schools in Rupandehi district during the second half of March 2021. The training was conducted in a small group at the school while they were still open, before the covid outbreak in April 2021.