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Teacher training program in Palpa

March 2021 | Palpa

At a new school in Palpa, OLE Nepal’s team has completed a teacher training program on technology integrated teaching-learning using Raspberry Pi (RPi) computers. A total of 10 teachers from Shree Ram Secondary School in Ramdi and Melang, Palpa participated in the 4-day training program. The teachers were introduced to the features of the RPi computers, E-Paath (interactive digital learning materials), and E-Pustakalaya (digital library). During the training, the teachers were able to get hands-on practice on how to effectively integrate technology and digital learning resources into classroom teaching and learning. The training program in this school was conducted in partnership with Peace Corps volunteer, Mr. Eric Pollard.

Our teacher training and technical team visited the program school in Palpa during the second half of March 2021. The training was conducted in a small group at the school while they were still open, before the covid outbreak in April 2021.