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MIT Special Course of OLE Nepal’s Game Development Team

August 2020 | Kathmandu

OLE Nepal’s game development team members have completed a special course taught by Philip Tan, creative director at MIT Game Lab. Over a period of three months, Philip has helped the team enhance their knowledge and skills on the principles and practices of effective education game design. Philip teaches Game Design and Creating Video Games courses at MIT. 

Our game development team is confident that the skills and techniques they’ve learned in these sessions will help boost the quality and the complexity of our educational games.

Zoom Session with Philip Tan

“Philip’s mentorship was exactly what our team needed at this point in our game development project. We have enjoyed discovering new aspects of game design through his sessions. I believe it has added great value to our game development team.”   – Regan Maharjan, Lead Game Developer

“The quality of information that Philip shared during the class and the slides was very rich in terms of educational content which helped me understand the fundamentals of game development. I was fascinated by the way Philip gave constructive criticism which led us to have really good progress in our work. Overall, I would say it was an effective class for me.”  – Rochelle Manandhar, Graphics Illustrator

“It was an incredible opportunity to be able to attend such a comprehensive session on game development with an MIT Professor Philip Tan himself. The classes helped enrich my knowledge not only on game design but also on various dimensions of designs such as UI/UX, usability testing, visual balance, sounds, prototyping, and many more. Despite being contextually implemented in game design, I learned that these variables would fit in other designing processes as well, be it UI/UX design, content design, illustrations, web design and in many other aspects, these would accurately maintain their relevance. To sum it up, it was an amazing learning experience. ”   – Monil Shrestha, UI/UX Developer

“The online classes with Philip were an amazing experience. His teaching of various elements of game design, helping me look at things from different perspectives. His constructive feedback on my work has helped me a lot in learning and implementation of game design and development processes.”   – Ravi Karki, Game Developer

“These sessions were really an amazing opportunity. We learned a lot about game design and new ways of looking at games and how to design them.”   – Sushil Bajracharya, Software Developer

“Learning from Philip was an outstanding experience. The topics covered were essential for anyone who is thinking to get into game development. I’ve learned a lot about how to approach game design and all the processes involved in it. I firmly believe that the team has immensely benefited from it too. Philip was super clear on all of the lectures. I loved his style of teaching with elaborative examples. I’m glad to have been a part of it.”    – Manish Shilpakar, Game Developer

This course has been made possible through the MIT J-WEL pk-12 grant in education innovation that OLE Nepal was awarded for the second year in a row.