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Supporting new laptop program schools in Jajarkot

December 2019 | Jajarkot

Resident support 12 program schools in Jajarkot

OLE Nepal’s team of two “Teaching with Technology” Residents completed deployment of laptops and installation of intranet at six schools in Kuse Rural Municipality in Jajarkot, as the initial plan to deploy the laptop and equipment in September was postponed due to the heavy rain and bad road conditions. During the school visit, the team also conducted a baseline survey in all six schools. The data collected from this survey will be compared with the data of midline survey which will be conducted after a year of program implementation. 

The residents completed two rounds of support in 12 laptop program schools in Jajarkot district. During their school visits from November 5, 2019 to March 7, 2020, they provided teaching and technical support to teachers and students in all 12 schools. During their support visits, the teaching residents spent 2-3 days in each school helping teachers and students on pedagogical and technical aspects of the program. On the pedagogical part, they helped teachers in preparing lesson plans, classroom management rules and job-chart for the integration E-Paath activities as well as other digital resources in the classroom. Similarly, they also helped the teachers on technical aspects related to laptops, network and digital library server. 

Our teaching resident, Mr. Ashraya Manandhar, has shared his experience from Jajarkot in a blogpost.

Here are some photos shared by our teaching residents: