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In-school training for 12 program schools in Jajarkot

January 1 – 16, 2019 | Jajarkot

OLE Nepal conducted in-school training for 12 laptop program school teachers in Jajarkot. In-school training is the second part of the three-stage training program designed to develop the skills and confidence of teachers regarding the integration of E-Paath activities in teaching and make optimum use of digital resources in their daily teaching learning process. 

Three teams from OLE Nepal conducted the in-school training. All the teachers who were part of the initial seven-day training in September 2019 were required to demonstrate the laptop integrated class. The trainers from OLE Nepal observed the delivery of lessons by teachers, and provided feedback and suggestions at the end of each class. During the training, the team also checked the status of laptop, school server and school network, and provided the technical support as needed. In total our trainers observed 47 teachers’ classes and gave feedback to them based on their performance. All three teams found that most of the teachers are successfully integrating digital resources into their daily classes. Additionally, there were no technical issues with the equipment at the schools. 

The teams installed digital early grade reading (EGR) stories, and held orientation sessions for all the teachers. A pen drive with EGR content was also handed over at each school. Trainers also did a basic troubleshooting technique refresher for the teachers. 

The teams also conducted community meetings at each school to discuss the community involvement in this program. All the members of the School Management Committee (SMC), Parents Teacher Association (PTA), and locally elected officials were invited to the program. The roles and responsibilities of SMC and PTA were further reiterated for the effective implementation of the program. 

Classroom observation at Bhanubhakta School, Laha

Community meeting at Kalika School, Gari

After the in-school training at the 12 school in Jajarkot, all three teams visited both local level offices in Nalgad Municipality and Kuse Rural Municipality. Head teachers from all program schools were also invited to their respective local level office to share program updates and submit their progress reports on the status of the laptop program.

Review meeting at Nalgad Municipality

Review meeting at Kuse Rural Municipality

The meetings with local level officials were effective and a good opportunity for our team and the schools to share updates and seek their support. The local authorities in both municipalities agreed to regularly monitor the program through their local education units and provide financial support to the schools. The local levels further reconfirmed the commitment of MoU with OLE Nepal which was conducted during the initiation of the program. According to the agreement both the local level will monitor the program through their education unit and provide support to the schools. 

The participants included officials from the Education Unit, Chief Administrative Officer, Head and Deputy Head of local level. WFP Jajarkot district coordinator, Krishna Thapa was also present in the meeting with officials at Nalgad Municipality. The laptop program in Jajarkot was launched in partnership with World Food Programme Nepal in September 2019. 

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