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Revisiting laptop program schools

1. Refresher Training at Shree Kalika Basic School, Dhading

October 2019 | Dhunabesi Municipality

OLE Nepal in partnership with the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) successfully launched E-Learning Program at Shree Kalika Basic School in Dhunibesi Municipality-4, Dhading on January 2019. OLE Nepal deployed 25 fully loaded laptops and conducted a four-day initial teacher training at the school as part of the program. Our team went on to visit the school for in-school training and technical support. As a final step of the 3-stage teacher training program, our training team revisited Kalika School to conduct a three-day refresher training on October 16-18, 2019.

During the training, the teachers revisited the key concepts and skills discussed in initial and in-school training. The focus was mainly on the pedagogical and technical aspect of the program. On pedagogical part, the focus was on effective integration of digital resources available in the schools, while technical aspect covered basic troubleshooting shooting techniques and updating laptops. The training also provided a platform for teachers to discuss their best practices and challenges encountered while implementing the laptop program at the schools. 

To help understand the outcome of OLE Nepal’s laptop program intervention at the school, our team conducted a comparative study of the program. Students in the school took base-line survey test papers in January 2019, and they went on to take the end-line survey test papers in October 2019. The comparison of baseline and end-line survey results revealed that students have made significant improvements in all core subjects with an overall average improvement of 26.25% in learning outcome. Though we are aware that many factors contribute to the improvement in student learning, the digital learning materials support learning of concepts through interactivity and engagement that would not have been possible with the traditional resources such as books and lectures.

Here are some photos from the training in Dhading:

2. In-school training for laptop program schools in Rupandehi

November 2019 | Rupandehi

In April 2019, OLE Nepal had launched the laptop program in Shree Gyan Jyoti Secondary School and Laxmi Basic School in Devdaha, Rupandehi in partnership with Soiya Mahila Swabalambi Sastha and Skoleliv-i-Nepal. Our team deployed 15 laptops in Gyanjyoti and 10 laptops in Laxmi School. As a follow up action, our training team visited the schools for the in-school training program on November 11-16, 2019. The main objective of the training is for trainers to observe the status of the laptop-integrated teaching learning process in the schools. 

During in-school training our team of trainers observed 6-7 laptop integrated classes at each school and provided feedback to each teacher. Trainers also provided suggestions to the teachers and administrative staff about the overall status of the laptop program in the schools. Trainers were pleased to see that teachers were successfully integrating digital resources in the daily teaching learning process. 

Additionally the visiting team met with parents and members of the school management committee to go over the requirements and their commitment towards the program, in order to ensure the optimum use of the resources at the schools. Trainers discussed with the parents and teachers regarding the sustainable use of computers focusing on maintenance funds, regularity of the students, cleanliness and effective management of the classroom. 

During the visit, the technical trainers went over basic troubleshooting and networking skills with the teachers. They also updated the digital library servers at the schools with the latest content. The teachers in both schools shared that E-Paath and other interactive activities have been very supportive for them to motivate the students in their learning process.

Photos from the in-school training program in Rupandehi:

3. Refresher Training at Buddha Secondary School in Philim, Gorkha  

November 2019 | Gorkha

OLE Nepal’s training team completed a four-day refresher training and technical support at Buddha Secondary School in Philim, Tsum Nubri, Gorkha on November 9-12, 2019. The digital learning program in this school was launched in December 2018, in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Lalitpur Midtown and Plympton, United Kingdom. Buddha Secondary School is equipped with 30 Raspberry Pi computers and 35 fully-loaded XO laptops. After reaching the school, the technical staff checked and updated all the devices with the latest content. 

A total of 17 teachers, including teachers from three other schools around Sirdibas, Philim, and two teaching staff from Rotary participated in the refresher training program. Our trainers had allocated four days of training sessions that included E-Paath lessons, E-Pustakalaya contents, technical aspects of XO laptops and Raspberry-Pi devices, and their applications. Trainers focused on the pedagogical aspects as well as managerial aspects of implementing the digital learning program. Trainers went over methods of using E-Paath lessons and E-Pustakalaya content as a part of their daily classroom teaching activity. Technical trainer prepared the teachers on basic troubleshooting techniques in technical aspects of E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya.

Here are some photos from refresher training program at Buddha School:

4. In-School Training at Shree Dullav Secondary School, Ghyampesal, Gorkha

December 2019 | Ghyampesal

OLE Nepal had launched the laptop program in Shree Dullav Secondary School in partnership with Children of the Mountain (CoTM), and deployed a total of 22 laptops in this school. Our training team revisited the school for technical support and in-school training program on December 11-13, 2019. The main objective of the in-school training is for trainers to observe the status of the laptop-integrated teaching learning process in the school. While observing the laptop-integrated class, trainers noticed that the students were using the laptops confidently, which indicated that teachers were using the laptops to teach regularly. They were also using classroom management tools.

After observing classes of five teachers, the trainer gave feedback and suggestions to all the teachers based on their performance. The technical trainer also gave the teachers a quick refresher and went over basic troubleshooting techniques. Additionally, the laptops were updated with digital EGR content for XO laptops. Teachers were encouraged to go through the content and have students try them out as well. The training team will follow up with the teachers for their feedback on the use of new digital EGR content. 

Here are some photos from Dullav School visit: