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Revisiting Raspberry Pi computer program schools

In-school training at program schools in Sindhuli and Sindhupalchowk

OLE Nepal’s team of trainers completed in-school training program on technology integrated teaching-learning methodology for teachers from Shree Secondary School in Bajhe, Sindhuli, and Shree Kalikasharan Basic School in Sindhupalchowk. The teacher training program in Sindhuli was held on November 5-8, 2019, and in Sindhupalchowk was held on November 10-13, 2019. 

In-school training is the second step of OLE Nepal’s three-stage teacher training program. It is designed as a follow up training to the initial teacher training program. Trainers from OLE Nepal visited both schools to observe live classroom sessions of the teachers who have been using the computers and digital resources for over five months. Based on the performance of the teachers, trainers gave them constructive feedback and suggestions on areas of improvement. Teachers were also encouraged to maintain proper records of digital lessons covered in class, as well as implement classroom management tools practiced during initial training.

Technical trainers went over basic troubleshooting techniques with the teachers and addressed all technical queries of the teachers. They were also able to update the latest content on the 16 Raspberry Pi computers in Shree Kalikasharan Basic School and 24 Raspberry Pi computers in Shree Secondary School. The visiting teams also conducted a community meeting at each school. Trainers reported that the school had been integrating digital resources in their daily teaching process and advised the teachers to practice their teaching to make the program more effective. 

The digital learning program in these two schools was launched in May-June 2019, in partnership with Relief Nepal, Sindhuli and All Hands and Hearts (AHAH). After the devastating earthquake of April 2015, AHAH helped reconstruct safe classrooms for the students of Shree Secondary School and Shree Kalikasharan Basic School, among others. AHAH decided to introduce the e-learning program to more project schools after the positive response from the Shree Bachchhala Devi Secondary School in Nuwakot, where the same program was launched in December 2018. 

Here are some photos from the training programs in the Sindhupalchowk…

… and Sindhuli:

Refresher training in Sindhupalchowk’s East Point Academy, Gyalthum

December 2019 | Gyalthum

Our training team revisited East Point Academy in Gyalthum, Sindhupalchowk on December 6, 2018 to conduct a three-day refresher training program for the teachers of the school. The Raspberry Pi computer program was initially launched at the school in September 2018, in partnership with Kids of Kathmandu. Before starting the refresher training program, our team updated all 25 Raspberry-Pi devices and the E-Pustakalaya server with the latest content, as well as helped the teachers organise the computers.

Most of the refresher training sessions were held in the computer lab, as the focus was on revisiting the concepts learned in initial training on the pedagogical aspects of E-Paath and other digital learning content to be used effectively in classrooms. There were a total of 22 teachers who participated in the refresher training, out of whom seven teachers were new to the training program. 

Teachers were introduced to the new content in E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya. There were hands-on sessions to explore the content with assistance from the facilitators, while being briefed on integrating them in daily teaching practice. They were so excited to engage children while teaching basic math and language through games like TuxMath, TuxTyping, GCompris activities on Raspberry-Pi devices to learning fun. Additionally, they practiced using office software that would be useful in their daily job. 

The school had all classrooms equipped with Smart TVs, which was mainly being used to show students educational videos on YouTube. Our team added the E-Pustakalaya server on the school network, and connected all smart TVs so that they can browse the digital library in each classroom smoothly. The use of E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya in the smart TVs were demonstrated for all the teachers and they were excited about using more education focused content in the classroom.

Below are photos from East Point Academy: