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New Raspberry Pi computer program schools in Lalitpur

October 2019 | Lalitpur

OLE Nepal’s technology integrated teaching-learning program using Raspberry Pi (RPi) computers has been launched in three new schools in Lalitpur. The program has introduced E-Paath (interactive digital learning materials) and E-Pustakalaya (digital library) to the students and teachers of Prabhat Secondary School in Tyagal, Shramik Bal Bigyan Lower Secondary Community School in Pulchowk and Bal Vinod Secondary School in Na:Tole. Our training team conducted a four day teacher training program at Shree Prabhat Secondary School, Lalitpur on October 15 to 18, 2019. The training program was carried out with support from the KDDI Foundation and Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC). Mr. Navaraj Rijal, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focal person from LMC’s Education, Youth and Sports Unit, observed the training session on the second day. The objective of the training was to develop teachers’ skills in integrating technology and digital learning resources in the classroom.

Training in session

At the training program, a total of 28 teachers (13 female and 15 male) from all three schools were present. The four days of training sessions included E-Paath, E-Pustakalaya and orientation about RPi machines and its applications. Pedagogical and managerial aspects of the program, as well as technical aspects of the offline servers, basic parts of RPi devices were highlighted in the training. The training helped teachers acquire skills to incorporate information and communication technology (ICT) in their daily lessons. At the end of the training program, participants expressed their commitment to increase learning achievements and their aim to make sustainable use of these new resources.

Following the training, OLE’s technical team visited the other two schools to set up the computer labs with Raspberry Pi (RPi) devices and E-Pustakalaya offline servers. Depending upon the largest class size, each school was equipped with enough computers. 45 RPi computers were set up at Shree Prabhat Secondary School, while Bal Vinod Secondary School had 20 RPis and Shramik Bal Bigyan Lower Secondary Community School had 15 RPi computers set up.

Sharing session

Technical Training

Overall, the training has helped teachers for their first step towards ICT integrated teaching. All the participants were positive and committed to implement this program effectively. As part of the practice session in training, the demonstrated classes on E-Paath integrated teaching by the trained teachers reflected their confidence and effectiveness of their approach and methodologies.

Exploring E-Paath & E-Pustakalaya

Comparing the Curriculum and E-Paath

With the teacher training program complete at these three schools, the total number of schools with Raspberry Pi computers running E-Pustakalaya in Lalitpur (in partnership with KDDI Fdn and LMC) adds up to seven. The program was also introduced in three schools in 2018 and one school in August 2019. Teachers from these seven schools will also go on to receive mentor training on the use of Raspberry Pi devices in robotic programming education for middle school students.