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National Workshop for ICT in Education Master Plan Development

September 2019 | Lalitpur:

OLE Nepal’s Sr. Manager, Mr. Tikaraj Karki, and Sr. Officer for M&E and Training, Ms. Kalpana Rimal, participated in the “National Workshop for ICT in Education Master Plan Development”, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), and UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok) on September 24-27, 2019. 

The workshop was programmed to increase the capacity of policymakers and stakeholders to develop National ICT in Education Master Plan-II that is integrated with sector-wide education plans. Altogether, there were 19 participants, which included seven teachers and other government officials, with OLE Nepal representing the NGO sector. 

The National Workshop was a joint effort to collectively develop a shared understanding of the Master Plan in Nepalese context and to draft the narrative covering the Master Plan’s four major components, i.e. Vision and Goals; Programmes and Projects; Implementation and Resources; and Monitoring and Evaluation. The main objectives of the workshop was to build policy development capacity of education policymakers for ICT in education policy; reach a mutual agreement on the main components and structure of the Master Plan; and initiate and sustain multi-stakeholder cross-ministry discussions on ICT in education policy.

Participants from different organizations expressed that the workshop was meaningful and engaging. As a follow up to this workshop, a task-force of around 10-12 people will be formulated and they will share the draft MP2 in the next workshop scheduled for February 2020. 

Here are some photos from the event: