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Updates on Jajarkot laptop program

June 2019 | Jajarkot

Orientation to selected 12 schools in Jajarkot:

The orientation program for different stakeholders from the selected schools in Jajarkot was conducted on May 16 and 17 respectively at Kalika Basic School, Jahar Gaun and Nalagad Municipality office. The main objective of the program was to discuss the basic preparation that the schools need to do before the launch of the program and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Two participants from each school; a representative from teacher, head of School Management Committee (SMC) from respective schools were invited to participate in the program. Altogether 24 participants (12 Kuse Gaunpalika and 12 in Nalagad Municipality participated in the meeting. The Chairman of Nagarpalika along with the executive officer and other officials were present during the program. Krishna Thapa, WFP District Coordinator of Jajarkot also participated in one of the orientation meetings at Kuse Rural Municipality office. 

After a brief description of the program roles and responsibilities of both parties (OLE Nepal and schools), along with WFP a discussion was held regarding the provisions of the MoU. One of the issues raised by the participants was how to raise money to establish a fund to run the program. They discussed various ideas including collecting monthly contribution from parents and asking rural/municipality for funds. Few schools had already created the maintenance fund for the program. 

Possible areas of coordination with rural municipality in this program were also discussed. As there is a separate education unit headed by education officer in both offices, it was agreed that both Municipalities will mobilize their resources to monitor this program in their area. Prior to the MoU with schools, a separate MoU between OLE Nepal and both Kuse Rural Municipality and Nalagad Municipality was also signed. All parties discussed their possible roles and responsibilities before and during the implementation of the program.

Furniture for laptop rooms: 

In April 2019, our team selected the vendor to build furniture for all 12 schools in Jajarkot. Based on the number of students available at the school, a total 105 sets of specially designed desks and benches were manufactured for laptop program schools in Jajarkot. These desks and benches were designed to enable the laptop integrated class and suitable for primary school students. The desks have slot to put book and copy during the classroom use Each set of desk and bench will seat up to 3 students. 

After the furniture sets were ready in the second week of June, the transport company delivered the furniture to Jajarkot. Since schools that are far from the roads had to arrange local porters to carry the furniture to their schools from the nearest road.

Installation of solar panels and power backup system:

The installation of solar panels and power backup system in Jajarkot program schools was completed in the third week of June. These solar panels and power backup system were installed form the fund support of local government: Kuse Rural Municipality and Nalagad Municipality. According to previous agreements, both municipalities agreed to fund the installation of power system at all of the selected schools in their area. The two schools already have previously installed solar power system at the school.

Procure server, router, and other network related equipment for Jajarkot program:

We have procured server, router, and other network related equipment for Jajarkot program schools. These equipments were procured after reviewing the quotation sent by vendors. Our technical team has tested and loaded the digital library server with E-Pustakalaya content. These equipment will be sent along with the laptops to the schools.

Photos from Jajarkot: