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Supporting program schools in Gulmi, Palpa and Lalitpur

June 2019 | Gulmi and Palpa

OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya Coordinator and Technical staff revisited three schools and a public library in Palpa and Gulmi districts, from June 10-18, 2019 to provide program support. In 2018, OLE Nepal in partnership with the Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town had setup Raspberry Pi computer labs and installed E-Pustakalaya at three schools and one public library in Palpa and Gulmi districts. Our team observed that the computer labs in all locations were in good condition. During the visit, the team updated the offline digital library (E-Pustakalaya) servers at the schools/library and also provided maintenance support where needed. The teachers and students were given an orientation on the newly updated content. It was great to see that Janata Vidyalaya of Tansen, Palpa had introduced daily routine for students to use E-Pustakalaya.

During the visit, the team also took the opportunity to meet with local authorities of the areas and demonstrate E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya to them. They discussed the state of education in the area and the relevance of digital resources to improve the quality of education in schools. 

Prior to the visit, our team had informed additional eight schools of Gulmi where we had previously installed E-Pustakalaya servers in 2012. The schools were asked to bring the servers to Tamghas and also attend the orientation program for better understanding of updated E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya content and its compatibility in older machines. The orientation program about E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya held in Adarsha Secondary School, Tamghas saw more participation from school teachers and representatives from the education field. The program was locally coordinated by CAN Gulmi. OLE’s team demonstrated the free and open digital learning contents and discussed its effective use in schools. A short technical briefing on installation of offline digital library server was also done. Altogether, 22 people attended the program.

Photos from Gulmi and Palpa | Rotary:

June 2019 | Lalitpur

In 2018, OLE Nepal had established Raspberry Pi computer labs with digital library (E-Pustakalaya) in 3 new schools in Lalitpur, in partnership with KDDI Foundation, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, and CITYNET. A total of 62 fully functioning Raspberry Pi computers were deployed to Jalapa School in Dhapakhel, Hindu Vidyapeeth School in Balkumari, and Yashodha Bauddha School in Thaina.

On June 2019, our team revisited the schools for monitoring and technical support. The visit was also a good opportunity to update the digital library servers as well as the computers with the updated content. After checking the systems, the team briefed the teachers about new updates in E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya. 

The team from OLE Nepal also met with teachers to get their feedback. The teachers reported that teaching with the use of computers and digital resources has helped students to widen their knowledge and promote effective learning. Teachers also shared that they are able to teach the students in an easy way through student centered learning methods, and have also developed their teaching knowledge and practice. New methodology has also grabbed students’ interest in learning, especially the students who were previously struggling. 

The team reported that most schools have been using the digital content on a regular basis.

Photos from Lalitpur | KDDI Foundation: