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Laptop program launched at 4 schools in Gorkha in partnership with AirAsia Foundation

May 2019 | Gorkha

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal, with support from AirAsia Foundation’s (AAF), launched the laptop program at four new schools in Ajirkot Rural Municipality, Gorkha. After the Gorkha earthquake of April 2015, the school building structures of Shree Sital Danda Basic School, Shree Kalike Basic School, Shree Bauddha Himali Basic School and Shree Olang Primary School, were completely destroyed. AAF launched a fundraising campaign ‘To Nepal with Love’ that raised enough funds to help rebuild 4 earthquake-safe schools for the children of Gorkha. After the reconstruction of school building was complete, OLE Nepal and AAF introduced additional support through laptop program to ensure better learning opportunities for the students. 

On April 30, 2019, the training team from OLE Nepal completed a four-day intensive teacher training on laptop integrated teaching learning. The training was conducted from April 30 to May 3, 2019 for teachers of all four schools. The main objective of the training was to provide orientation to teachers on the laptops and to equip them with skills to  integrate technology and digital learning resources in the classroom. 43 child-friendly laptops loaded with E-Paath and age-appropriate eBooks were deployed to the schools.

Teachers who were involved in the training had a range of teaching experience. Altogether, 16 trainees participated in the program. The program was held at Shree Sital Danda Basic School at Hansapur, Tutuwan. The training was facilitated by teacher trainers from OLE Nepal, Mr. Shishir Pandey and Mr. Ganesh Ghimire for pedagogical aspect of the e-learning program and Mr. Hem Shahi, for technical aspects of laptop program.

Following the training, the training team also visited all schools to help set up the laptop rooms and also meet with the parents and community members about the laptop program.

Photos from the training and school visit: