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Preparations to launch laptop program in Jajarkot, Karnali Province

We are getting ready to launch the laptop program in Jajarkot this year!

Preparations for the launch began in January 2019. A call for applications to interested schools was made after consulting with the Center for Human Resource Development (CEHRD) and World Food Programme (WFP). Our team visited Local Government offices in Jajarkot,January 21-25, 2019, to conduct orientation sessions for local government officials, as well as the school supervisors and resource persons. The orientation provided an overview of the laptop program to the officials, and helped in the discussions of the school selection process.

A total of 27 schools applied for the program, and based on the criteria provided to the schools, 19 schools were shortlisted. On March 6, 2019, two teams from OLE Nepal proceeded to survey the schools that had been shortlisted. Initial school survey is essential to finalise prospective laptop program schools. During the visit, the teams assess the physical and power infrastructure of the school; meet with teachers and School Management Committee to ascertain their motivation for the program; interact with students and parents for general queries, and verify other details of the school’s application. It took our team two weeks to complete the survey.

After the survey, the teams discussed their findings and ranked the schools based on the observations. The findings from the survey were then shared with local authorities to help with the selection process. Our team took this opportunity to also discuss possible areas of collaboration with the Local Government. To ensure smooth operation of the laptop program, local authorities have pledged to install solar panels for power infrastructure at the selected schools. They will provide solar power/ backup power to the 10 out of 12 program schools. Two of the schools already have solar and power backup system.

Here are the proposed Jajarkot laptop program schools for 2019:

Each year, we are able to reach more students in remote corners of Nepal, with help from our partners and supporters. We would like to thank WFP for their continuous support in expanding our laptop program. We are able to reach more students each year because of our supporters who have contributed generously towards laptops for children.

We would also like to thank our supporters who have contributed directly for the laptops. Special thanks to Ram K.C. & Karen James, Vision in Mission Inc., Daryl & Maxine Zook and the communities of Goshen and Middlebury, Indiana, USA.

We also received generous contributions in Nepal from Thames International College and Beltron International.

Thank you for choosing to give the gift of quality education.