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Baitadi Refresher Training

November 2017 | Baitadi

Six trainers from OLE Nepal successfully conducted refresher training for the teachers of 15 program schools in Baitadi. The training was conducted in 3 parallel sessions on November, 13 – 16, 2017. Altogether 59 teachers were present in the refresher training. The teachers had previously participated in the  initial seven day training, and in-school training. Refresher training is the third of three-stage training program, developed for the teachers to deal with issues and challenges encountered while integrating digital resources in the classroom.

During the training, the teachers revisited the key concept and skills discussed in initial and in-school training. The focused was on pedagogical and technical aspect of program. On pedagogical part, the focus was on effective integration of digital resources available in the schools, while technical aspect covered basic troubleshooting shooting techniques such as updating laptops, operation of intranet and school server.

Mr. Lal Singh Ter, District Education Officer of Baitadi speaking at the Refresher Training

Teachers revisiting troubleshooting methods at Refresher Training in Baitadi

Apart from the regular sessions, the training also provided common platform for the teachers to discuss their practices and challenges encountered while implementing the program at the schools. All the schools/teachers were asked to list out the challenges encountered during the program. The challenges were collectively solved by trainers and teachers during the training.

The teachers also shared various positive changes that the program has brought on the students, teachers, and community level. One of the important changes that the program has brought on students was the increment of students’ annual learning outcome. During the training the trainers compared and presented the annual learning outcomes of schools from the last two years. There was 5-11 percent of annual increment in learning achievement of each school. Besides, the program also encourages to promote regular attendance of students in the class. The teachers also shared that they are largely benefitting from the resources available in the digital library.

Participants of the Refresher Training, with Ms. Deepa Thapa – Senior Training Officer (second from left)

The program received a good support from District Education Office (DEO) and District Coordination Office (DCO). Mr. Lal Singh Ter, District Education officer, and Khemraj Bista, Local Development Officer (LDO) were present during the opening and closing session of the training. Ms. Chandra Thapa, and Mr. Khusaldev Ghimire, Under Secretary at Department of Education also travelled to Baitadi to observe the training. Ms. Rozina Karki from WFP Sub office was also present during the opening session of the training.

The successful completion of refresher training concludes the three-stage teacher training program in Baitadi schools. We would like to thank to all the DEO and DCC officials for their close coordination during the training.