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Supporting laptop program schools in Baitadi

September 2017 | Baitadi

Our residents, Anjana Shrestha and Nisha Dahal, completed the third round of support to program schools in Baitadi. During their visit from August 2 to September 18, they spent 2- 3 days in each school supporting students and teachers on pedagogical and technical aspect of the program. Besides, they also conducted meeting with teachers and parents to discuss overall progress of program at the school. They further reiterate the roles of parents and teachers for the successful implementation of program.

Midline Survey in Baitadi program schools

September 2017 | Baitadi

Apart from the pedagogical and technical support, residents also conducted midline survey at program schools in Baitadi. This survey result will be compared with baseline survey which was conducted 12 months ago, before the launch of the program at the schools. The survey aims to compare and measure the impact of the program on students and schools. The survey was based on the students (12-15) from grade 3 to 5 on maths, science and English subjects. The same questions that was applied during the baseline was used in the survey. Currently, our team is in process of data entry for the statistical analysis. The comparison of survey results will be shared on next monthly report.