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Digital Library Training in Palpa

September 2017 | Palpa

OLE Nepal has successfully completed E-Pustakalaya digital library installations at Shree Janata Model Secondary School (JVT) and Dhawal Pustakalaya in Tansen, Palpa and training for teachers and librarians from August 27 till September 2, 2017. The program was carried out in partnership with Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town with local coordination of Rotary Club of Palpa. The training program conducted at JVT School was attended by a total of 34 teachers from the school and 5 library staff from Dhawal Pustakalaya. The objective of the training was to develop teachers’ skills and confidence in integrating technology and digital learning resources in classroom lessons.

Our technical team visited Dhawal library to set up a computer lab with Raspberry Pi, a tiny and affordable computer which plugs into display, keyboard and other peripheral devices. We deployed 10 Raspberry Pi computers assembled with micro SD cards, headphones, keyboards, mouses and monitors. We also made a local area network with E-Pustakalaya server connected with a wifi router. Batteries and inverter were installed by the local vendor to solve the problem of power cut.


The next day, the team visited JVT School, Tansen Palpa to set up the local network where the training was conducted. The training program covered demonstration of and practice on E-Pustakalaya content, integration of digital contents in classroom activities, and setting up and troubleshooting offline E-Pustakalaya servers. We have received positive feedbacks from the activities during training and the participants achieved their expectations that will encourage them to teach children in different and effective ways. Few participants didn’t even have any experience of using computer prior to the training, but were able find useful learning materials and were confident to demonstrate them in front of the classroom.

At the end of the program there was closing program in presence of training participant, principal of JVT school and a representative of Rotary Palpa. During the closing program the head teacher of JVT School discussed on integration of ICT in classroom and how training helped to foster the ease of effective teaching in classroom. He also promised to add more computers and build a offline digital library in a separate room. Lastly, he thanked Rotary clubs and OLE Nepal for providing offline E-Pustakalaya.