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Residents support schools in Baitadi

June 2017 | Baitadi

Our ‘Teaching with Technology’ Residents, Ms. Shikha Dhakal and Ms. Anjana Shrestha have completed second round support to 15 program schools in Baitadi. During their visit from May 2 to June 18, the residents spent 2-4 days in each school to assist teachers and students in integrating digital resources. Since the new academic year had just started, they assisted teachers to prepare the yearly plan for laptop integrated classes. The Residents also guided the teachers in preparing lesson plans, observed laptop integrated classes, and provided feedback to teachers.

The Residents have observed project school teachers using laptops to teach their students since the project was launched. They’ve reported improvements in program implementation by teachers. With regular practice, most have eased into integrated teaching-learning approach.

They were pleased to find that students had made significant progress in terms of use of laptops to learn through the educational materials loaded on them. They observed that the children were more confident in accessing the materials, and were more eager to ask questions than during their first visit to the schools. Teachers and parents shared that the laptops have helped develop better learning habits and have helped them to gain better local and global knowledge. Residents noticed that the students were more self-sufficient and passionate about using the technology in learning, and the positive impact was also apparent in the improved attendance in some of the schools.

Apart from pedagogical support, the Residents provided technical assistance related to the laptops, digital library servers and school network at the school. They also attended district level coordination meetings with World Food Program’s field staff and the School Meals Programme’s partner organizations. These periodic meetings are aimed to help partner organizations share regular program updates and find ways to collaborate among partners.

The third round of residents support will be continuing right after the first week of August, when the schools resume after the summer break.