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Residency Program in Baitadi

January 23- March 15 2017 | Baitadi

OLE Nepal launched it’s first ever Teaching with Technology Residency Program, to support 15 primary schools in Baitadi, that have started using digital learning materials in their classrooms. In 2013, OLE Nepal introduced a similar, but shorter, program in the schools in Bajhang, where by volunteers were deployed to provide for support to schools for a period of 3 months. This year, OLE took a different approach with the residency program, and extend the support to project schools for the duration of 1 year. We have selected two teaching residents, Ms. Anjana Shrestha and Ms. Shikha Dhakal, who just completed their first round of support to 15 program schools in Baitadi. The residents spent 2 months (January 23, 2017 – March 15, 2017) working with students, teachers and local communities at the schools to maximise the benefits of wide range of digital resources available through the laptop program.

Before heading to Baitadi, the residents completed a month long intensive training at OLE Nepal office regarding the pedagogical and technical aspects of the laptop program. Under the pedagogical aspect they were trained on E-Paati basic; how to prepare lesson plan for E-Paath integrated digital class; different component of classroom management such as job chart preparation, schedule preparation for E-Paati integrated class, ways, and techniques for effective use of E-Pustakalaya. In addition, residents were also given in-depth training on the technical aspect of program such as basic troubleshooting techniques on E-Paati, E-Pustakalaya (digital server) and school network.

During the first support visit, the residents travelled to each of the 15 schools, where they spent 3 – 5 days facilitating students and teachers to ensure the maximum benefit of digital resources available in the schools. The support included the pedagogical as well as technical assistance related to the program. On the pedagogical aspect, they helped teachers on lesson plan preparation to classroom management for effective use of digital learning resources in the classroom. Similarly, on the technical front, they fixed issues related to E-Paati/laptop and maintained the school network for the smooth running of the digital library. Along with assisting teachers and students, residents also organized interaction meeting in each school among the School Management Committee (SMC), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and other stakeholders, to discuss their roles in the effective and successful implementation of the program.

Following their return, a debriefing meeting was held at OLE Nepal office. Residents shared their general experiences as well as specific observations of individual schools and teachers. The schools in Baitadi are successfully using the digital resources in the schools. Shikha Dhakal, one of our residents, is a former primary school teacher. As this was Shikha’s first time in Baitadi, we decided to interview her to learn more about her observations from a teacher’s perspective.

Shikha’s Interview