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Laptop program going strong in Bajhang

February 10-27 2017 | Bajhang

Monitoring and technical support to all 20 phase III schools

In 2015, OLE Nepal introduced the laptop program to 20 additional schools in Bajhang, bringing the total number of program schools in Bajhang to 43. Two teams from OLE Nepal visited the 20 schools to provide technical support and conduct monitoring activities between February 10 and 27, 2017. During the visit the teams reviewed the program activities in the schools, and provided technical assistance regarding the laptops, equipment, school servers (digital library) and school network. The team was able to re-install E-Pustakalaya in the servers of schools and resolve technical issues that the teachers were facing. The monitoring and technical support visit was a success as all the laptops were updated with the rearranged E-Paath from 2 to 5 grades. The team also handed ‘Curriculum – E-Paath and text relation book’  to each 20 school. This book includes the list of the topic from both E-Paath and textbook which will be helpful for the teachers while integrating E-Paath and textbook in classroom teaching. Periodic reports were also collected from the schools. Apart from technical problems in few schools, all the schools are successfully using E-Paati in their classroom teaching learning process.

Midline Survey at 20 schools in Bajhang

Midline survey in 20 schools  was conducted also conducted at each school by the visiting teams. The main objective of the survey was to measure the impact of the program on students and schools. The survey results will be compared with the baseline survey which was conducted 14 months ago, before the launch of the program in the schools. An average of 12 students from each three to five grades were randomly selected and administered tests on maths, science and English subjects.