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E-Pustakalaya updates in Kavre schools

Technical support visit to eleven E-Pustakalaya program schools in Kavre

November 2016 | Kavre

Kavre was one the worst hit districts during the April/May 2015 earthquakes. Many buildings, including 2 of our project schools (Dwarpaleshwor Secondary School and Dedithumka Lower Secondary School), had collapsed during the violent tremors and aftershocks. The computer labs housing the digital library servers, in these two schools, had been destroyed. OLE Nepal has continued the technical support to the schools that are still running the E-Pustakalaya program.

OLE Nepal’s team of 4 members including technical staff visited the E-Pustakalaya schools of Kavre from November 20 to 25, to install the grade 8 content and provide necessary technical assistance to the schools.


Refresher training at Radhakrishna Ghanashyam Lower Secondary School, Pouwa

The schools visited by OLE Nepal’s team were Chandeni Secondary School, Zerokilo; Radhakrishna Ghanashyam Lower Secondary School, Pouwa; Baagdevi Higher Secondary School, Jyamdi; Indrawati Secondary School, Jyamdi, Majhigaun; Umasha Sikchalya Higher Secondary School, Chandeni; Tapeshwor Higher Secondary School, Deupur; Panchakanya Lower Secondary School, Jaisithok; Dedithumka Higher Secondary School, Mahadevsthan; Bindabasini Secondary School, Majhigaun.

During the visit, the teams visited 9 out of 11 schools, in which they also checked and fixed the network of schools and oriented the teachers on recently added grade 8 content on math, science and English subjects. The 2 schools which our team did not visit were Dwarpaleshwor Secondary School and Dedithumka Lower Secondary School were completely destroyed in the earthquake of April 25, 2015. However, the schools were asked to bring their digital library servers to Kunatabesi for the latest update, so that the schools could continue to use them in other personal devices.

Bagdevi Secondary School, Jyamdi had also recently added 20 laptops in their computer lab in which the visiting team installed the grade 8 contents in all laptops. These computers were bought on shared basis from both school and supporting organization. When our team visited Bindabasini School, there were no functioning computer.  Hence, the team only installed the content in the server and oriented the teachers on how to use it once they have computers.

Refresher Training and Orientation of new Grade 8 content

Refresher Training and Orientation of new Grade 8 content

The team installed grade 8 content and maintained the school network in all the schools. The team also provided necessary technical assistance and conducted a brief orientation on recently added content. A hands-on practice was also conducted for teachers on E-Pustakalaya.

School Management Committee (SMC) meeting was also conducted at each school to discuss the effective and sustainable implementation of the program. The schools were suggested to create a maintenance fund for the sustainability of the program similar to the model practiced in our projects in Bajhang. The schools were also advised that OLE Nepal will continue to provide assistance remotely.