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Refresher training at mother tongue education project school

Monitoring visit and refresher training for Chepang school in Chitwan

October 2016 | Chitwan

A 3 day refresher training for teachers of mother tongue (Chepang language) project school in Rastriya Primary School, Korak VDC, Chitwan was conducted from October 25 to 27. The main objective of the training was to review the program activities at the school, address the key challenges and issues encountered by the teachers while implementing the program, and to orient the teachers on newly added content. Altogether, there were 5 teachers who participated the training. A 2 member team including a trainer and a technical staff from OLE Nepal visited the school to conduct the training.


Refresher Training to teachers in Rastriya Primary School, Korak

The project of creating mother tongue based educational content for primary level students of Chepang community was initiated by OLE Nepal with the support of Embassy of Finland’s Fund for Local Cooperation, with the understanding that children in primary levels learn better in their mother tongue. The content was piloted in Chitwan, when 25 laptops loaded with E-Paath content translated into Chepang language was deployed to Rastriya Primary School, in early November 2015. The program in the school was introduced with the 4-day teacher training and deployment of laptops loaded with mother tongue based digital content.

Since it had been a year that the program being implemented, the training provided an opportunity for the teachers to share their observations, experiences and challenges while integrating the digital content in their classes. All the participant’s teachers shared that the digital content available in mother tongue language has been very effective and helpful for their students’ for positive learning.

During the training participants were also oriented to the newly introduced BalPathmala, which is a collection of hundreds of pictorial books in Nepali and English languages. BalPathmala was installed on all of the 25 laptops in the school, making it easy access to useful books for the students of primary level. A hands-on practice was conducted on basic troubleshooting techniques regarding the E-Paati.

Community Interaction at Rastriya Primary School, Korak VDC, Chitwan

Community Interaction at Rastriya Primary School, Korak VDC, Chitwan

On the last day of the training, OLE Nepal’s team conducted a meeting with the School Management Committee (SMC) and local stakeholders. A total of 40 participants were present at the meeting to discuss the overview of the program. One of the important points discussed during the meeting was creation of maintenance fund for the sustainability of the program. It was agreed that one of the local stakeholders (Community Forest User Group) would provide the financial support for the maintenance fund. The participants were also informed that OLE Nepal will continue to provide necessary assistance remotely in future.